Beauty Talk: All About the Brows


Hi-Brow Products: Tweezers,  Clear Brow SetWaterproof Brow Pen in Soft TaupeHighlighter

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Once upon a time (or maybe just a couple of years ago), I got my makeup done for an event I was attending.  The makeup artist asked about my preferences, and my only rule was pretty much no bright lipstick.  (It was pre-lipstick conversion for me.)  Unfortunately I didn’t realize that I also needed to specify that Dracula-style, dark black eyebrows were also not my thing.  An hour later you could find me scrubbing my new fake eyebrows off in the bathroom and attending said event with fancy, bright red brows.  I swore off any type of brow makeup that day, and I should probably also point out that I’m an avid over-plucker.  Basically, I’m not your model student when it comes to eyebrows.Fast forward to 2014, and I’m now a full-blown beauty product junkie, willing to try pretty much anything.  When I heard from Lauren, the brow guru behind Hi-Brow NOLA, I figured I had nothing to lose and couldn’t wait to check out her line of brow products.  From the first time I experimented, I was hooked.  I couldn’t believe how much (as cliche as it sounds) my brows actually framed my face.  The Waterproof Brow Pen is hands-down my favorite.  It’s perfect for filling in thin (over-plucked perhaps) brows, and the Soft Taupe color is never too harsh for me.  The paintbrush-like tip is so easy to use.  Then on to the Clear Brow Set to tame unruly brows and set them into place.  This is a no-brainer.  I finish up with a little bit of the Highlighter along my brow bone (and sometimes along cheek bones or eyelids) for a little summer glow.  These days, just like mascara and formula, I never feel fully ready without touching up my brows, and if you haven’t tried these products yourself, I’d definitely recommend taking them for a spin.

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