Product Love: SkinOwl

SkinOwl eye+

One beauty product that readers always ask about is an affordable eye cream that actually works.  The undereye area is a concern for so many woman: from bags to sags, dark circles to thinning skin, there’s a complaint for every age group.  For my own eyes (sometimes puffy, sometimes incredibly tired-looking), I’ve recently discovered this eye concentrate from SkinOwl.  It smells like cucumbers and feels like aloe to the touch, and once you put it on, it’s so incredibly cooling and has a tightening effect I can actually feel.  (And on a recent trip home, my mom couldn’t get enough of it before bed as well.)  It’s safe for morning and night, can be applied under makeup, and can even work as an all-over face treatment.  A little goes a long way, and it’s amazing straight from the fridge.  For me it’s a little pricey at $46, but I definitely think it’s worth a try if you’ve tried everything and just can’t seem to find an eye cream you like.  I’d love to hear: what eye creams and potions are you guys obsessed with?

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