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Happy Tuesday, friends!  Last week I rejoined the blogging world after a little hiatus, and today I’m sharing some current skincare favorites that I’ve been meaning to share for a few weeks now.  It’s been WAY too long since I rounded up a slew of skin goodies, but lately, I’m really loving what I’m using.  Somewhere around the start of the new year, my skin was in (what I’d consider) pretty bad shape.  I love the holiday treats, parties, and Go-Go-Go mentality as much as the next gal, but at the end of December, my skin was suffering.  Yikes!  Bumps, breakouts, and SO much dryness – I had to do something.

So in January I started a new routine and refocused on my skincare.  I’m lucky enough to receive so many beauty goodies from companies, so I might as well put them to good use, right?  My current routine includes a whole lot of Dermalogica with some other favorites mixed in, and so far, so food.  My skin has, for the most part, cleared up, minus a few random breakouts here and there, and I’ve started to once again see my skincare ritual as a sort of spa time instead of a nightly chore.  (That part really is so key.)  So here are a few of my tried and true current skincare gems.  Hope you guys enjoy!

Cleansing – The cleansing part is where things can get really lazy for me, and I’ll fully admit that some nights I still use the old makeup remover towelette standby.  (These from Neutrogena have always been my favorites.) . But for the days when I get my act together, I’m loving this 3-step cleansing routine from Dermalogica.

Precleanse Balm – This is, not maybe, but DEFINITELY the best product I’ve found for removing makeup and all the gunk at the end of the day.  It’s a super thick, oily balm – think Chap-Stick or Vaseline consistency – and I rub it all over my face, over makeup, when my skin is completely dry.  That may sound crazy, and trust me it FEELS crazy at first, but it immediately starts breaking up and melting off makeup.  I usually apply it before getting into the shower and then rinse it once I step in.

Special Cleansing Gel – I wouldn’t say this cleanser moves mountains, but I think it’s a pretty good everyday go-to.  And, I do love it as a second step after the Precleanse Balm.  It’s a pretty gentle cleanser and removes all the makeup and gunk that the Precleanse Balm breaks up.  I keep it in the shower and use it daily.

Daily Microfoliant – The third step is definitely my favorite, and this product is SO good.  When my face is still soaking wet from step two, I pour some of the Microfoliant into my hands.  It’s in powder form, so when it hits wet hands, it starts to form a sort of paste that’s super gentle, like a really soft, wet sand.  I scrub my face with it like a normal exfoliator, and I swear my skin is always instantly softer.

Tools – There are three tools that I swear by: my Clarisonic Mia Prima Facial Cleansing Brush, the PMD Clean Facial Cleansing Device, and the PMD Personal Microderm.  (You can also get the two PMD devices bundled here.)  I pretty much use the Clarisonic and PMD Clean interchangeably and really can’t pick a favorite.  The Clarisonic’s brush head leaves my face feeling squeaky clean while the PMD’s rubber bristled, vibrating head feels like more like a facial massage.  I use the PMD Personal Microderm Device a couple of times a week and love it for refreshing my face and getting rid of dead, dull skin.

Masks – There’s pretty much nothing I love more than relaxing with a mask on, so a couple of times a week, I’ll do the whole cleansing ritual, put on a mask, and hop in the tub for a bath.  I use a ton of different masks actually, but my favorite is hands-down the Exfoliating Treatment Mask from Tula.  I also go for masks by Georgette Klinger and Pixi and love a good sheet mask like the Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mask before bed.

And Everything Else – After masking and using the PMD Personal Microderm, I love Pixi’s Rose Tonic and Dermalogica’s Phyto Replenish Oil.   Then it’s on to the last of the lotions and potions, and lately, (once again) I’m loving so many from Dermalogica.  I keep the Dermalogica Power Rich Firming Cream, Overnight Retinol Repair, Nightly Lip Treatment, and Sound Sleep Cocoon in my nightstand and rotate them throughout the week.  When I’ve got a breakout of any kind, there is NOTHING better to me than a COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch.  I’ll sleep with one on any blemish and see instant results the next morning – these things are seriously magical.


Photos thanks to Katie Stuart

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