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Favorite bath products | My Style Diaries blogger Nikki Prendergast Bamboo bath trayGeorgette Klinger Vitamin C MaskFavorite bath products | My Style Diaries blogger Nikki Prendergast Herbivore Coconut Milk BathSpongelle Beyond Cleansing SpongeAveda Shampure Composition Oil100% Pure Seaweed Detox BathClear trayCeramic stool

Happy Sunday, babes!  Today I’m sharing a little Sunday post with my favorite Sunday activity: a bath!  It may be a Southern thing, but holy moly sometimes there’s nothing I love more than a long, hot bath and a little at-home spa time.  When we first bought our house, sweet Jesus was this bathroom gross.  The whole thing had to be gutted and reworked from scratch.  My one request was a good tub, and Eric so pulled through and created my favorite bathroom (or room maybe) in the house while I was out of town for a week.  I never take this space for granted and try to use it as much as possible, and with Eric out of town this weekend, I’ve been a bathing queen.

As every bath lover knows, good products are so key.  Besides a glass of wine and a good magazine, I’m absolutely loving the four products above, and if I had to pick a favorite, I’d probably go with the Seaweed Detox Bath.  The smell is probably not for everyone, but I love that it isn’t girly, floral or sweet.  It’s more natural and strong enough to open up my sinuses like my favorite essential oils.  (If you’re an oil lover, then this one is probably for you.) . The Coconut Milk Bath and Shampure Composition Oil make my skin feel SO soft, and the Cleansing Sponge with built-in cleansers is so great for exfoliating.  Also, I recently ordered the bamboo bath tray and had NO idea how much I would love this thing.  It is just so convenient for holding ALL the things.  (Perfect for keeping my hands free to shoo away the munchkin below who’s just dying to hop in the tub too.)

Here’s hoping everyone has a relaxing Sunday!


Favorite bath products | My Style Diaries blogger Nikki PrendergastWilma the Vizsla | My Style Diaries blogger Nikki PrendergastWilma the Vizsla | My Style Diaries blogger Nikki Prendergast

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