Juice Served Here Elevated Cleanse

juice-served-here-cleanseSo you wanna do a cleanse?  Well I never wanted to.  I’ve heard good things and bad things about them over the years, but for the most part, I just don’t feel like most cleanses are a great idea.  Something about sending my blood sugar into crazy spikes and living in a state of hangry just doesn’t sound appealing, ya know?  Now before anyone goes and freaks out on me, know that it’s just my personal opinion.  If you really feel your best after your lemon, onion, cayenne, tomato bath, tequila regimen (I have no idea what that even means), then by all means, do you, girl.  Cleanse on!

But as for me, I’m fresh off my first cleanse, and there was nothing hangry about it.  Last week I kicked off Monday morning with an Elevated Cleanse from Juice Served Here.  It was a 3-day cleanse, and I decided to try it out for one main reason: food was included!  And not just food; really delicious, fresh food.  (If you haven’t tried the bowls, snacks, and breakfast items from Juice Served Here, I’d highly recommend.  That Chia Pudding man, dee-lish.)  There are two different levels of the cleanse available: active and light, with the active version giving you more food and juice for the day.  You get to choose your favorites from the list of available options, and here are a few of mine:

Medi Greens Bowl

Super Bowl

Jinja Greens Juice

Green Latifah Smoothie

Turmeric Shots and Hot Shots

Currently the cleanses and food are only available at Juice Served Here locations (12 stores in Southern California), but you can get the juices and shot packs online delivered anywhere.  (Seriously, if you’re getting sick, order the Hot Shot Pack STAT.)  Whether you’re a “cleanse” kinda gal or not, three days of healthy food choices never hurt anyone, right?


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