Spanx Leggings and the Uniform Lately

the-uniform-1-5the-uniform-1-2the-uniform-1-1the-uniform-1-3the-uniform-1-6the-uniform-1-7the-uniform-1-4the-uniform-1-8Spanx leggingsthe-uniform-1-9  Spanx leggings, also hereSweatshirt top – under $25;  Parker leather jacketCole Haan sneakers – on sale;  Chanel bagRay-Ban sunglasses

You guys, I’m here today with some great news for the girl team.  These Spanx leggings that I’ve worn 999 times this fall slash winter (slash who even knows what season we’re in here) are finally back in stock in all sizes (here and here), and I’m telling you, they’re the BEST.  I was so excited to find them that I scooped up a second pair, a move that may seem aggressive to some, but if you’ve tried these then you know.  Also it’s totally acceptable considering these have become a sort of uniform for me lately.  True story, I pretty much only packed these leggings plus a few pairs of workout leggings (these are my favorites) for the initial move into the rental house during our home remodel.  After a couple of weeks, I discovered that I’ve pretty much been accidentally waist-training.  Sooo, it turns out, that whole trend at least partially works.

And onto other, equally exciting news.  Southern California is on the verge of, wait for it, five whole days in a row of rain starting tomorrow.  What?!  Bananas, y’all.  And while I’m usually the ultimate rain-lover of SoCal (it’s not an official title or anything…yet), the rain tends to put a little cramp in that whole remodeling schedule.  Mother Nature takes no prisoners, y’all.  But hey, the rain is coming, and this rain-lover is gonna enjoy it regardless.

And in one more smidgelet of news, it’s that time again.  Time for what, you ask?  Time to hit up The Stylist LA for their annual sample sale.  Sweet Emily will be selling off her gently used sample dresses, and I’ll be selling off pieces from my own closet along with a couple of favorite blogger gals.  And since I went through my closet while packing up to move everything into storage, I’m getting rid of a TON.  (Me and Mother Nature, both getting serious this week.)  I’ve got clothing, shoes, and so many handbags headed to The Stylist LA tomorrow, so don’t miss out!  Details on the sale below – hope to see y’all there!


Photos thanks to Vincent Elejorde


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