Summer Maxi Dress

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Back in December when my parents visited California for the month, I decided to surprise my mom for her birthday by requesting tickets to The Ellen Show.  It was kind of last minute and I really wasn’t expecting to hear back about the tickets, but surprisingly I got a call from the show a couple days later.  I took my mom and mother-in-law, and we made a day of it in LA.  Somewhere between the laughs and awkward sober dancing during commercial breaks, the day took the ultimate fun turn when we found out that we were part of Ellen’s Christmas giveaway shows.  Whaaat?!  It was a total surprise, and insanity ensued as an audience full of ladies collectively lost their minds.  Among the amazing prizes (including a trip to Vegas!) was a fat gift card to Kohl’s, and right now, there are a million things in store to spend it on.  Besides the amazing new collection of Reed handbags, there are flowy little dresses and maxis galore.  This one caught my eye and is already right at home in my summer dress rotation.  It’s light as a feather and so comfortable for the hot months ahead.  Plus, it’s currently on sale for under $40.  Gift card or no gift card, that’s a no-brainer, y’all.  Another no-brainer?  If you’re in LA or planning to visit the area, definitely request tickets to The Ellen Show because that shit is fun.  Hope everyone is having a great week!


Photos thanks to Kathleen

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