Beach Season Is Here

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The seasons, they are a-changing around here, and for me, that means the end of our wedding season.  Phew!  I’m not gonna lie, I spent the first solid week after our wedding eating, like, whatever I wanted.  I mean, Eric and I got late-night burgers (and chili cheese fries) on the actual night of our wedding.  (No regrets, that fourth meal was so worth the calories.)  But now it’s a couple of weeks later, and it’s time to embrace the next season: beach season.  It may seem a little early to the rest of the country, but in Southern California, it’s here, y’all.  My best beach advice around here? Bring a snack. Nobody likes a crabby, hungry beach-goer, and that burger place can be so tempting. My current go-to: these Protein Bites from thinkThin®.  They’re pretty much like candy, and the White Chocolate Nut version is my absolute favorite.  I’ve got packs stowed away in, like, every bag I own – laptop bag, beach bag, purse – like some kind of thinkThin® hoarder.  Whatever, they’re so good.  And if you’re ever hungry and see me out and about, feel free to come grab a snack because I got you, girl.


Protein helps fuel a full, energetic life. And good nutrition should always be delicious. That’s why thinkThin® products are packed with protein and come in a variety of decadent flavors.

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