My Summertime Everyday Face Favorites

Everyday Makeup Routine | My Style Diaries blogger Nikki Prendergast Summertime, and the livin’s easy.  And your makeup routine should be too.  Every year when the seasons change, I try to shake up my makeup a bit too.  And this year, I feel like I’ve got a handle on what’s working for me now, an edited-down makeup bag of products that are my go-to, get ready quick essentials.  My all-star products?  Look no further than that killer BB Cream and my most favorite under-eye concealer.

And for a full face, here are my thoughts on the rest.  (Note: If I want to include eye makeup as well, I’ll use this Tarte palette for both my eyeshadow and eyeliner.)

1.  The Treatment Glycolic Gel Pads – After cleansing in the morning, these are my favorite next step to remove the rest of the gunk.  Called a “10-minute at-home peel”, I usually swipe one of these pads all over my face and neck and then spend a few minutes taming my mane.  These feel tingly on my skin and have seriously helped with acne breakouts, enlarged pores, and dead skin cells.  I’ve almost made it through my first jar and will definitely be snagging these again.

2. Dermalogica Age Bright Clearing Serum – If I’m being honest, serum is usually the first skincare step I skip when I’m feeling lazy, but this one with salicylic acid was super appealing when I was dealing with hormonal breakout after breakout recently.  I’m now using it twice a day and am about halfway through the bottle.  I swear my skin is smoother and brighter, and I feel like I’ve finally gotten a handle on the breakouts, knock on wood.

3. The Treatment On the Daily SPF 45 – I spend a lot of time outside in the summertime, whether I’m walking the dogs, getting in a workout, or heading to the beach on the weekend, so I don’t mess around with SPF.  I wear it every single day, and this one is super protective.  It’s also really lightweight, doesn’t leave me greasy, and won’t flake off under my makeup.

4. Tarte Amazonian Clay BB Tinted Moisturizer – I heard a couple of girls recommend this and figured I’d give it a try a few months ago, and now, it’s my everyday, go-to foundation.  Since it’s technically a BB cream, it’s lighter than most foundations, but it’s still plenty enough coverage for me in the summertime.  It feels lightweight in the heat and not cake-y like other foundations can be in the summer.  I also absolutely love this brush for applying it.

5. Tarte Shape Tape Contour Concealer – Hands-down, my favorite concealer I’ve ever tried or used, period.  There’s a reason it’s America’s number one concealer brand – one is sold every 12 seconds.  It’s a super blend-able formula that gives the best illuminating glow under my eyes that won’t crease, smudge, or run throughout the day.  It’s also great for covering blemishes.  I apply in an upside-down triangle shape under my eyes and use this brush to blend it in.

6. Urban Decay Pressed Powder – I always like to set my foundation with a little powder, and this one is simple, to-the-point, just makes sense.  I love the easy, lightweight coverage.

7. Glowy Palette from Pixi – When it comes to a glowy, bronze-y highlight, I can’t get enough of this palette from Pixi (that I sadly dropped on the bathroom floor immediately after taking the photo above).  Unfortunately, my exact palette is sold out, but I love this Summer Glow Palette and would totally use these allover face kits.

8. Ashley Sievert Mineral Guilded Bronzing Powder in Trophy Wife – I’ve been using this bronzer for about a year now.  It’s not shimmery or shiny but just a nice bronze-y peach for my skin tone, and since getting pretty tan this summer, I can go a bit heavier with it.  I use this brush and focus on my cheeks, nose, and forehead.

9. MAC Veluxe Brow Liner – Can we all take a minute for the over-plucked eyebrow situation of the 2000s?  Yikes!  I pretty much never leave home without filling in my brows these days,  and while I’m not typically a MAC girl, I needed a new liner in Palm Springs and was closest to a MAC store.  I find this one pretty idiot-proof, and it stays put throughout the day.

10. Mascara – Don’t be confused by the photo above – I’m not layering three mascaras everyday, but I am grabbing one of these three:

Too Faced Better Than Sex – While I hate the cheesy name of this one, I do love the formula.  One coat is great for a simple, running around town look, but for something a little more dramatic, it’s totally buildable without becoming clumpy.  There’s a reason why this one is so popular.

IT Cosmetics Superhero – This one is a tried and true favorite that I’ve had in my makeup bag for years.  It gives a pretty dramatic look with one or two coats, so I grab for this one when I want to look a bit more pulled-together.

Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes – This is also just a really great, everyday formula that gives me my best lashes without feeling heavy or clumpy – because I don’t need that kind of negativity in my life.


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