And Just A Few More Sale Picks

Shopbop Buy More Save More sale picks 1. Blush Suede Mules  2. Tory Burch Shoulder Bag  3. Blush Mirrored Aviator  4. White Distressed Girlfriend Jean  5. V-Neck Caftan  6. Embroidered Bell Sleeve Top  7. Embroidered Crossbody Bag – already 50% off  8. Suede Booties – already 70% off  9. Long Sleeve Striped Top  10. Oversized Tortoiseshell Sunglasses – Designer Favorite  11. Oversized White Button-Down  12. Faux Leather Mini Duffel – already 40% off  13. Tassel Ankle Wrap Sandals

If you haven’t checked in on the blog yet this week (I mean, where have you been?), I’ve been yammering on (and on and on) about the Shopbop Buy More, Save More sale, and today, I’m going back in.  But I promise it’s all for good reason!  I first posted about it here and then chose a few more favorites here, and I shopped the sale myself on the very first day.  (I’ll be receiving my goodies today and CAN’T FREAKING WAIT.)  But then I found myself browsing the site once again and realized that I missed so many things.  So many things.  Annnd they’ve added in some new arrivals!  Is it bad if I place another order today?  Shopbop sale, round two?  Good idea or bad idea?  Of course it’s a good idea, you guys are so supportive.  So today I’m sharing some of the things that I missed earlier, and I’m for sure, for sure ordering number 7.  And probably number 9 because I can never have too many basic stripes.  And then maybe number 13 because how great would they be paired back with number 7?  Decisions, decisions, may the shopping force be with you.


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