Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: First Glance

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale - 1 1. Topshop Block Heel Boot  2. Lace Hem Peasant Tunic  3. Rag & Bone Fedora  4. Isola Larkin Bootie  5. Faux Leather Moto Jacket  6. Kate Spade cuff  7. Denim Utility Shirtdress  8. Hudson Ankle Jeans  9. Plaid Oversized Scarf  10. Rebecca Minkoff Love Jumbo  11. Suede Saddle Bag 12. Kendra Scott Elton cuff  13. Lace-Up Shirtdress  14. Vince Camuto Cutout Bootie

It’s here, it’s here – my favorite time of year!  (Well, almost.)  The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale officially kicks off today, and I’m REALLY excited for so many of the finds.  Over the next couple of weeks I’m sure you’ll notice lots of buzz around this sale (I’ll be chatting lots about it myself), and you’ll probably wonder, what gives, lady?  I promise that it’s all for good reason because a sale this good really only happens at Nordstrom, and it only happens right now.  Most sales from other retailers (while good) are on end-of-season or almost out-of-stock pieces, but the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is the only place for amazing deals on brand new, next season goodies.  From clothing, shoes, and accessories (hello, handbag heaven), there are literally thousands of deals that are yours for the taking.  Currently the sale is in the “Early Access” phase and only open to Nordstrom card-holders, but let me explain.  I personally never ever apply for store credit cards as a personal rule and hate when you have to use a particular card for a sale, but Nordstrom does offer a store debit card.  That means it’s hooked right up to your checking account like your normal debit card – purchases are pulled right from your account, and there’s no bill to pay at the end of the month.  Not bad, right?  So today I’m rounding up a few of the pieces that initially caught my eye (and landed right in my shopping cart), but stay tuned over the next couple of weeks where I’ll be sending more “can’t miss” finds your way.  Hope everyone is having a great week!


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