Home Finds: 12 Best Doormats

best doormats 1. You Better Have Pizza Mat  2. Home Is Where the Wine Is Mat  3. Neighbors Doormat  4. Home Sweet Home Rug  5. Hello It’s Me Doormat  6. Hello/Goodbye Mat  7. Bye Felicia Doormat  8. Mr. and Mrs. Doormat  9. Cute Shoes Mat  10. Howdy Doormat  11. Pineapple Doormat  12. Southern Hospitality Doormat

They say home is where the heart is, and if you’re doing a home renovation like we just did (slash, are doing), then it’s also where all of your shopping money goes.  You can kiss those new wedges goodbye because you’ve got more important places to spend your money, like on a doormat for every door of your house so people can wipe their damn feet.  God I sound like my mother or grandmother or something like that.  In all seriousness though, it’s been really fun making our house a home and picking out the little things that make it ours.  Stay tuned for a ton more home posts because it’s just where my mind is these days.  (Check out one of our newly finished bathrooms here.)  Today I’m starting things off with the best doormats I’ve seen because our front yard is still dirt for the time being and these dirty footprints all over the new wood floors are going to make me insane.  Insane, I tell ya.  Plus, I’d like our visitors to know that bringing pizza is best and the neighbors have better stuffBye, Felicia.  So if you’re in the home decorating mindset like me, get your shop on because these are some of the best doormats around.


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