Happy Hour For Your Senses

Unbooked AppointmentsAhhh, happy Friday, friends.  Sometimes there’s really just no better feeling than knowing it’s the weekend at last.  Except perhaps if you could couple that feeling with a facial or a massage.  And even better if you could get that facial or massage for an amazing deal.  Do I have your attention yet?  Recently I discovered Unbooked Appointments, an amazing site that will find you (quite literally) “unbooked appointments” for spa treatments, beauty services, workouts, and fun activities, all at amazing prices.  Similar to other deal sites, you start off by taking a quiz.  (Fill out your likes and any type of service you’re looking for in the LA or OC area, and they’ll bring the deals to you.)  There’s a huge difference from other sites though.  I’ve used those other sites, and it seems like anytime you buy the coupon, it’s impossible to actually make an appointment because of everyone else who bought the exact same coupon.  (Ya know?  Anyone?  So annoying.)  With Unbooked Appointments, you get deals at times when the salon, spa, gym (or whatever) is pretty available, meaning the appointment is there and you’ve just made it.  Whaaat?!  I know, girl.  I know.  And there are a TON of options.

Recently the kind folks over at Unbooked Appointments reached out and a) let me know about the site – genius, and b) asked if I would like to try out a service – umm, yes.  What am I, an idiot?  Bring it on, I was born for this job.  After scrolling through a million service options, I decided on a facial for my post-Cabo face.  I had the most relaxing (and amazing!) facial for a fraction of the usual price thanks to Unbooked Appointments, and I would 100% use the site again.  And again.  And again.   And if you’re in the area, I’d seriously recommend checking it out because sometimes you just need to “treat yo’self”… on a budget.  Hope everyone has an amazing weekend!


Unbooked Appointments

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