So Many Fun Spring Bags

Best spring handbags1. Pink Acrylic Clutch (under $100 designer dupe)  2. Sam Edelman Straw Tote  3. Straw Mini Circle Wristlet  4. Bamboo Cage Clutch  5. Disco Ball Bag  6. Braided Straw Clutch  7. Mar Y Sol Colorful Crossbody  8. Lobster Love Shopper  9. Florabella Straw Clutch  10. Cleobella Wood and Woven Clutch  11. Leather and Straw Bucket Bag  12. Round Straw Crossbody  13. Navy Crossbody Bag  14. Retro Jellies Basket (More Colors Here)  15. Pom Embellished Raffia Tote  16. Tassel Embellished Woven Pouch  17. Ivory Embellished Clutch  18. Medium Round Straw Bag

Last year (or maybe the summer before?), there was definitely a new girl in town when it came to the fashion gal’s handbag of choice.  Straw, bamboo, round, boxy, and even (gasp) plastic – it just had to be a little fun.  And bonus points for tassels, pom poms, embroidery, and tid bits of flare.   Cult Gaia’s pretty little bags were EVERYWHERE, and as much as I wanted to go against the grain, I just couldn’t resist.  I finally caved and got the black acrylic version and have seriously LOVED it.

This spring and summer, the party bags aren’t going anywhere, and I, for one, am so pleased.  Why not have a little fun in the handbag slash beach bag department?  I’m all in, y’all.  I’ve already got the pretty at number two and am about to eeny, meeny, miny, moe which one comes next.  (And if I’m being honest, I’m kind of dying over the wristlet at number three.  She is just so cute.)  So today I’m rounding up a few fun faves, and a bunch of these are totally affordable.  Because having a little fun shouldn’t break the bank, right?

Happy Friday, gals – here’s hoping everyone has a great Easter weekend ahead!


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