Little Black Shift Dress: Now and Later

Black shift dress (c/o);  studded heelssunglassesLoren Hope and Charming Charlie bracelets Black shift dress (c/o);  Free People bootiescabi turtleneckStrathberry handbag (c/o);  Ray-Ban sunglasses

Well guys, I’m not much of a gambler, but I’d say if there’s one safe bet out there it’s that every blogger and fashion-loving gal will definitely jump the gun on some fall fashion in the coming weeks.  You know who I’m talking about.  You’ve seen the girl sweating it out in some leather pants or leggings like she’s taking a cue from Ross Geller.

And I can’t blame that girl!  I mean, you get your hands on some fresh fall threads, and you’re ready to get real cozy, sit by a fireplace, sip on something pumpkin flavored perhaps.  (Fast forward to me shooting the coziest of cashmere sweaters and ponchos yesterday in a Southern California heatwave.  No comment.)

So in these in-between-y days where my heart is saying fall and my sweaty forehead is saying summer, I’m all about some sweet transitional pieces like this lace-up little black shift dress.  For now, rock it solo with an embellished heel and oversized clutch, and later on, throw on a layering turtleneck and the snakeskin boots that make me feel like JLo.  (And who doesn’t wanna feel like JLo these days?  Just sayin’.)

So do yourself a favor, girl, and put down the sweater dress – unless of course you live in an area with weather that’s actually cool enough, and in that case, lucky you – and pick up something a smidge more practical.  Oh, and speaking of practical, I can’t recommend this bootie and handbag combo more.  Promise, they’ll be your new go-to neutrals.  Hope everyone is having a great week.


Photos thanks to Vincent Elejorde

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