The Coziest Scarves Under $50

affordable scarves 1. Oversized Knit Scarf  2. Geo Pattern Scarf  3. Marled Plaid Scarf  4. Chunky Knit Fringe Scarf  5. Thick Knit Infinity Scarf – Available in 43 colors!  6. Uniqlo Heattech Scarf  7. Chunky Infinity Scarf with Leather Cuff  8. Ivory Brushed Scarf  9. Coziest Cowl Scarf  10. Turquoise Brushed Scarf  11. Cashmere Fringe Scarf

When the temperatures drop, I’m a pretty firm believer that a thick and cozy scarf can seriously warm your whole body.  And not just the Southern California temperatures.  If I’m planning a trip to New York or somewhere snowy like our recent trip to the mountains, I’ll “waste” half the space in my bag (or, let’s be honest, bags – plural) to take an extra scarf or two along.  This one legit saved me in the snow for New Year’s Eve, and luckily it’s still available in grey – it’s #1 above.

Usually right around now is the perfect time to stock up on sweaters, scarves and winter essentials for the rest of this season and next, and this year is no exception.  (Check out these killer cashmere accessories that are marked down and an additional 60% off right now.  I have the gloves and scarf and LOVE them.)  But specifically today I’m focusing on affordable scarves because a girl can never have too many.  The whole bunch is under $50, but most of them are WAY lower than that.  The pretty pink snood at #5 is under $12 and available in a whopping 43 colors.  They’re not messing around.  Numbers 1 and 3 are both right around $25 and currently sitting in my shopping cart.  Number 11 contains the magic word – cashmere.  The best part?  Depending on where you live, you can use a scarf to jazz up your everyday coat (maybe not-so-much, SoCal), toss one in your bag to be prepared for a chilly evening or take it off when the day warms up.  Without breaking the bank.  It’s a win-win, friends!


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