Just For The Night

Karina Grimaldi Jazmin Dress IMG_8601 IMG_8608 IMG_8611 IMG_8614

Karina Grimaldi dress via The Stylist LA;  Enzo Angiolina heels via Nordstrom Rack;  Clutch via Nordstrom Rack;  Michael Kors watch

When I moved down to Orange County from LA three years ago, I held onto all of my cocktail dresses, dressy tops, and higher than high heels for a while, but after cleaning out my closet a few hundred times, those pieces have pretty much dwindled to nothing.  I just don’t have much of a need for them here.  “Hi!  Here for the beach BBQ in my Parker dress and killer heels!”  Nope, it just doesn’t work.  For the rare occasions when I need something a little bit fancy, like last Sunday’s Oscars festivities, I’m super happy that I stumbled upon The Stylist LA and even more stoked that the owner Emily is a no-BS type of gal who knows exactly which of her dresses will work for me.  It’s quick and painless, and I leave with something that I’ll love, even if it’s just for the night.  And slowly but surely, that heel collection is really coming back strong.  “But, I NEED these…”  Again, don’t tell Eric.  Happy weekend, pretty ladies – hope you spend it in style.  Even if that means sweatpants style.


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