15 Fun Summer Bags

summer-bags-1 1. Pearl Embellished Shell Clutch  2. Straw Love Crossbody  3. Embroidered Pom Pom Clutch  4. Striped Woven Tote  5. Pom Pom Embellished Straw Tote  6. Woven Bag with Wooden Handles  7. Small Acrylic Tortoise Ark Clutch  8. Woven Straw Clutch  9. Beaded Flap Crossbody  10. Straw Box Messenger  11. Micro Snake Embossed Tote  12. Striped Handle Woven Tote 13. Black Straw Tote  14. Turquoise Raffia Clutch  15. Tassel Embellished Tote

Blame it on my recent trip to Mexico or an upcoming trip to Palm Springs (or blame it on the fact that my name is Nikki and I have a handbag problem), but I’ve got a serious itch for fun, summer bags this year.  (And every year?)  Yesterday after uploading this photo to Instagram it seems that some of you gals have a little thing for summer bags too, so I figured I’d share a few favorites here.

Y’all, how cute are these?  I snagged number 4 in yellow before Mexico and love how it easily transitions from the beach to dinner or whatever the day brings.  The same can be said for most of the bags here – day to night for an easy vacation vibe.  Number 7 is seriously cute with pretty much any outfit (check it out here), and I just discovered that it comes in so many more colors than I thought.  The decisions, y’all.  But whether small bags are your thing (hello, number 10) or you need a little more space (numbers 6 and 13), you can’t go wrong with one (or all) of the bags here.  So which would you take along with you on your next vacay?


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