Embroidered Wayf Romper

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Blast from the past (AKA last month), but today I’m sharing one last post from New Orleans.  (Yesterday I finished my Miami posts and today New Orleans – basically, it’s Nikki get your shit together week.  Heyyyyyy!  Look who’s getting on the ball here.)  So funny story.  Jenn and I ate and drank everything in the South Market District for a couple of days and then she wanted to take me to her favorite restaurant in Covington – her stomping grounds.  (BTW the restaurant is called Meribo and it’s now my favorite too – CRAZY GOOD.  Like, if I ate at Meribo in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, anywhere in the country, I’d be like, this must be the best place in the city, right?!)  Anywho, Jenn and I show up for dinner and Krystal is a little late (go figure).  I had put this Wayf romper on for dinner and then changed for something a little more accommodating to the Louisiana HEAT and humidity.  Little Krust (as we lovingly call her) finally shows up wearing…you guessed it…this exact Wayf romper.  I mean, what are the chances?  Well, the chances are actually quite high because we all love Wayf and I’ve probably worn the brand here on the blog 4,397 times, but still.  I was real disappointed that I missed my accidental twinning moment with the Krust, but we got over it and ate ALL OF THE FOOD.  And we shall twin someday because we legit all love Wayf.  And that’s the end of the story.  Decent, right?  Drink a glass of wine and then reread – you’ll appreciate.  Almost Friday, peeps!


Photos thanks to Brooke Boyd

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