Summer Caftan From Coolchange

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The current heat wave in Southern California is no joke, and beating the heat is the name of the game around here.  This summer caftan from Coolchange was by far the coolest, most comfortable piece that I brought with me to Miami, and now that I’m back on the left coast, it’s still in heavy rotation.  It’s technically a swimsuit coverup, but partnered with a lightweight slip, it’s been making its way around town lately.  (After all, living in Huntington Beach, can’t I just pretend that I actually did just come from the beach?)  It’s also my go-to for working and hanging around the house these days, and before you accuse me of wearing the same thing every day, just know that I do not care.  Especially when the choice is sweating it out or favorite dress again – the summer caftan always wins.  Now for my next order of business: operation our backyard needs a hammock.  You think the 1 Hotel in South Beach might just send me this one?  Because I’m pretty sure we were meant to be together.


Photos thanks to Kristen

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