On My Radar: Spring Things

Fashion blogger Nikki Minton of My Style Diaries shares a sneak peek into new Spring fashions. 1. Striped Linen Shift Dress  2. Perforated Platform Wedge  3. Reversible Bomber Jacket  4. Crystal Hinge Bracelet – $15!  5. Drapey Spring Shorts  6. Adjustable Shield Pendant Necklace  7. Quay Australia Aviators  8. Wanderlust Midi Dress  9. Metallic Sneakers  10. Embroidered Denim Jacket  11. Studded Gladiator Heel  12. Short-Sleeved Striped Button-Down

Y’all, last weekend we had our first taste of Spring around here, and it was delicious.  We spent the entire day on Sunday Lounging (with a capital L) outside on our back patio, just watching the boats pass by.  I’m telling you guys, this whole “temporary rental home”  while we remodel thing could really become a permanent in my book.  (More on what in the world I’m talking about here.)  Just don’t tell Eric.  It was 75 degrees and beautiful, so I took full advantage and used the day to break in a new favorite pair of denim shorts which ultimately just got me thinking about ALL OF THE SPRING THINGS that I can’t wait to wear.  Shorts!  Sandals!  Dresses!  And denim jackets with just about everything.  (Spring evenings are always a little chilly around here.)  I seriously need that little striped dress at number one, have already ordered the wedges at number two, and was so surprised at the prices of numbers four and eleven.  (And I think you will be too!)  So whether you’re enjoying a little California sunshine or currently surrounded by snow (sorry!), take a peek into Spring, and let me know – what are you guys most looking forward to wearing next season?


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