Shopbop Sale Time

Shopbop Sale 1. Brixton Joanna Hat  2. Peixoto Beachy Lace Dress  3. Free People Orion Clogs  4. Kaanas Flatform Sandal  5. One by Pink Stitch Resort Maxi  6. MLM Label Off Shoulder Dress  7. Eliza Gran Beach Tote  8. Ray-Ban Classic Aviator  9. Monserat De Lucca Fringe Crossbody  10. Deepa Gurnani Earrings  11. Free People Rock Denim Uptown Shorts

Ready…Set…Sale time!  Shopbop‘s annual tiered sale starts NOW, and there’s no better time to stock up on those spring things you’ve had your eye on.  Personally, I have, like, everything in my cart currently, and with my bachelorette party in just a couple of weeks, what’s a gal to choose?  Free People makes my favorite cutoffs every year, so number 11 is a definite.  I’m a sucker for hats these days (gotta protect your skin!), so number one above is a no-brainer.  But can I really leave the rest behind?  God help my bank account.  What do you guys have on your spring wishlist this season?  Whatever it is, don’t miss out because the sale ends on March 5th.  (See full details here and below.)  Happy shopping!



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