The Romper Dress

maxi romper - 1 (1) maxi romper - 1 (7)maxi romper - 1 (2)maxi romper - 1 (4)maxi romper - 1 (8)maxi romper - 1 (5)maxi romper - 1 (9)maxi romper - 1 (6)maxi romper - 1 (10)maxi romper - 1 (12)maxi romper - 1 (13)maxi romper - 1 (14)maxi romper - 1 (16)romper dress      Forever 21 dress, heels, bag, hat, faux leather jacket, and sunglasses (c/o);  bralettenecklacebelt

A few years ago the romper stormed onto the fashion scene as something actually acceptable to wear out in public past the age of five and it grew really popular, really quickly because, other than that whole unzipping your entire outfit in public restrooms thing, what’s not to love?  I mean, a girl’s gotta have options besides your standard dress.  Similarly, the maxi dress was accepted with super enthusiastic open arms because it’s basically a smiled-upon muumuu, no?  So it was only a matter of time before these two trendy-trends joined forces and birthed, for lack of a better name, the romper dress.  The maxi romper?  The dromper?  Too far, Nikki.

Well who am I to pass up a good fashion fusion, so here I am, giving it a (literal) whirl.  And y’all, it’s not so bad.  I’ve got a long torso so I sized about as far up as you can go and paired her with the first ever bralette that I’ve found for busty gals.  (Seriously, it’s a game-changer.)  The romper dress has long sleeves, but it’s the perfect weight to make it A-OK for right this second.  Fall fashion or no fall fashion, I’m not trying to sweat it out for no apparent reason, feel me?

Also, a little blog housekeeping note.  After a WAY too long hiatus, the My Style Diaries emails are back up and kicking and (I hope!) better than ever!  I’m trying to make it so easy for you guys to get the content, links, and random ramblings straight to your inbox in a clean, consistent manor.  Today is day numero uno of the new system, and I totally welcome your feedback.  Please leave me a comment below or feel free to send over an email to  Growing and learning and experimenting with a romper dress together – who’s with me?!  (Seriously, are you with me?  If you haven’t already, head over to the side bar on the right to sign up for the emails.)  Hope everyone is having a great week!


Photos thanks to Valorie Darling

3 Comments on The Romper Dress

  1. Stylelista
    August 18, 2016 at 8:08 am (8 years ago)

    okay totally loving this! I have a long torso too so I worry that these might be too short, but definitely sizing up helps! Love this entire look!

    xo Stylelista


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