5 Ways to Relax in 2017

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After the holidays have come and gone, it’s the new year, and well, how’s it feeling, y’all?  It feels brand new, but I’m not gonna lie, the pressure is on, from this way and that way, and the stress can be heavy.  This is the year I’m gonna…fill in the blanks.  Lose weight?  Make my dream a reality?  Reconnect with that one friend?  Stop doing this or that?  Well, let’s not get too deep here, but there’s something we all want to do.  And while I’m all about pressing forward and doing the things we said we would do, I think we all deserve a little break sometimes.  So today’s post is all about finding your place of calm, and no matter who you are, I’m pretty sure you deserve it.  So here goes…

Create Your Favorite Space – I think you should always have a space.  A calming space in your house, your apartment, your parents’ house, your car, wherever you are that you can go when life feels crazy.  A space where you can take your coffee in the morning or a book (magazine for me, honestly) and tea at night.  For everyone it’s different, but if you don’t have your space, create it.  Light a candle.  And then, put your robe on, girl!

Find Your Person (or Persons) – Everyone’s got those girlfriends and best friends, boyfriends and family members, coworkers and whatnot, but there are those people (or person) that just have a calming effect.  You know?  I’ve got a few.  My main calming person put a ring on it, heyyyyy, Eric!  (Sorry, had to.)  My parents know my worrying, crazy brain more than anyone (I mean, they created it, ha!), and they both help me out miles and miles, in such different ways.  And their advice always involves unplugging – crazy, right?!  But enough about me.  Find your people and love them hard and try your best to reciprocate back.

Spa Day – Maybe it seems indulgent, but stay with me here.  If you’re a spa lover like myself, I think we can all agree – is there ANYTHING more relaxing than a spa day?  I think not.  This week I checked out a brand new spa in Anaheim Hills, Zianna Wellness, and left feeling like I could conquer the world.  (And answer a few emails.)  Zianna was seriously luxury, but the prices are surprisingly doable.  I’m talking a facial and a massage – both – for under $200.  An UH-mazzing 60-minute facial for under $100.  (Give up your Starbucks addiction for a few weeks.)  And they offer a ton of other services including wraps, manicures and pedicures, tanning, and so much more. Their grand opening is tomorrow (Saturday, January 26th) from 11 to 4, and they’re giving out amazing mini treatments along with bubbles and snacks.  (Sold, y’all!)  If you’re in Orange County, GO!

Take A Walk (And If It Helps, Take It Fast) – OK, disclaimer here.  I never, never thought in my life that I would live close enough to the beach to take a beach walk during the day.  I’m beyond blessed to call this place home, and I fully take advantage of taking beach walks for exercise and a timeout.  (Power-walking girls unite!)  But wherever you live, make a point to get out and take a walk when you need one.  (Also, sorry to my snow-ridden gals.)  Take a stroll, take it in, and if it helps, walk it fast for a bit of a workout.

Look Around – Well, I’m not very granola, but here goes.  Maybe we all need to take a step back.  Look at what’s stressing you, but more importantly, look at what’s not stressing you.  Isn’t that the key, maybe?  Take a look at what grounds you because if you look around, I’m sure you’ll find the things that make you appreciate just where you are.  Too granola?  So sue me.  Life is gonna pass you by if you don’t take a look around.

Some days are just plain tough. Nothing you do seems to turn out right, and everyone you talk to seems out-of-sorts. If it’s a cold and grey winter’s day, that only adds to your misery! But you can reverse the trend. Save for tomorrow any task that can wait. Treat yourself to a mug of steaming coffee. And smile – it will brighten your day, and someone else’s too!  –
Author Unknown


Photos thanks to Taylor Cole

Brought to you by Zianna Wellness.

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