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Hello, friends, and how is everyone doing in quarantine?  Eric and I are holding up just fine and haven’t managed to kill each other yet!  (I kid, we know how extremely lucky we are to be safe, healthy, and still working from home right now.)  We’re cooking tons of meals at home but also still trying to support local restaurants who need our help more than ever right now.  Our restaurants are such a big part of what makes any city feel like home, so today I’m sharing some of our favorite local spots that are currently open for takeout or delivery.

And I’d love to have this list grow even more!  If you’re local, feel free to comment below or email me with some of the favorites that you think should be added here.  No matter what city you’re in, if you’re looking to support your favorite restaurants, there’s no time like the present to “like” them, share them, Yelp them.  Grab takeout for your family or call and donate meals to our local heroes on the front lines or families that may be in need.  Spread a little love now, and it won’t be long before we’re all back at our favorite spots.

Bagelmania – This one is always a favorite weekend breakfast takeout spot for us.  They’ve got a ton of baked goods, delicious coffee drinks, and as the name would suggest, plenty of bagel options.  I keep it pretty simple with a tomato and cheese melt on a jalapeno bagel – so good.

Carnitas La Villa – This is my favorite “hole in the wall” takeout Mexican food near us because the beans are my fave and the homemade salsa is delish.  I’m partial to the shrimp meals, but you really can’t go wrong here.

Eat Chow – Eat Chow has a bunch of yummy comfort dishes (hello, cheesy tots) and some of my favorite salads in all of the land.  Seriously, I’m pretty sure I’ve tried every single salad at Eat Chow, and they’re all amazing.  (It’s actually one of the only restaurants where I can order a salad with no regrets.)  If you’re not feeling a salad though, highly recommend the crispy tacos or The Three Amigos.  (Side note – I have not tried their breakfast, but friends of ours love it.)

El Ranchito – El Ranchito is pretty much a Mexican food staple around here with more than a dozen locations around Orange County, but the Costa Mesa location is definitely our favorite.  Each restaurant is offering slightly different menus right now, but you can count on their signature dishes, mini bean and cheese burritos (my fave) by the dozen, and their margaritas to go.

Gulfstream – Gulfstream is offering a VERY abbreviated menu for takeout, but I had to include it on the list for one very important reason: the Crispy Chicken Sandwich.  It’s not what you might think of ordering from Gulfstream, but Hillstone Restaurants in general usually have pretty yummy fried chicken sandwiches.  That said, you can also grab one locally from R+D Kitchen at Fashion Island (also get the Dip Duo) and Bandera in CDM.

Irassae Sushi – We love going to Irassae and sitting at the sushi bar during normal times.  To be honest, we’re not normally into takeout sushi and never do it when restaurants are open, but last week, we were both craving sushi and decided to go for it.  No regrets – everything was fresh and delicious.

Jan’s Health Bar – Jan’s is always a first thought for me when I want healthy food fast, and now is no exception.  Their salads and protein bowls are just clean, healthy deliciousness, and their tuna is a definite favorite of mine.

Las Barcas – This is Eric’s favorite “hole in the wall” takeout Mexican spot, and I’ll agree with him – it’s pretty good.  They now have an outdoor speaker system so that they can call out orders that are ready while everyone waits outside or in their car.

Lucci’s Italian American Deli – Lucci’s is part restaurant, part market, so in addition to your takeout order, you can also grab deli meats and cheeses, cooking oils and spices, sodas and wine, and pastas to make at home.  Our favorite takeout order?  The family-sized bucket of spaghetti easily serves at least 6-8 meals, comes with garlic bread, and is so delicious.  (And right around $14.)

Red O Restaurant – This may have been my favorite takeout we’ve ordered during this time so far because it made for really delicious leftovers.  We ordered one of the Family Fiesta Packs that they are currently offering with two different types of meat, beans and rice, fajita vegetables, guac and salsa, tortillas, and dessert.  (Oh, and two rolls of toilet paper!)  Bonus, the Red O is offering market essentials for those who want to avoid the grocery store.  We picked up a dozen eggs with our dinner order so that Eric could make meat and eggs with the leftovers that week.

Sessions West Coast Deli – Legit, my favorite sandwiches around.  Or ever, I’m not sure.  Breakfast, lunch or dinner, if you’re feeling like a unique, filling, and probably slightly messy sandwich, this is your spot.  I love the Tuna Melt, Meddock Melee, and every single breakfast sandwich.

Sol Grill – Sol Grill also falls in the category of ultimate comfort food.  Check out the meatballs and that lobster ravioli in the first photo – yum!  (I add a little balance with the Rocket Salad, add shrimp.)  They also make a killer sangria, so if you’re going for comfort food, you might as well add some sangria or a bottle of wine.  Cheers!

Spaghetti Bender – The Spaghetti Bender is one of my absolute favorites for simple, yummy Italian food.  (Think: red and white checkered tablecloths and house wine by the carafe when they’re open for dining.)  There are a ton of options, but I never really stray from the spaghetti with meat sauce – simple and delicious.  And if you’re gonna order from the Bender, you have to add on their house soup and salad.  The salad dressing is heavenly, and you can save the soup for another meal.

The Corner – This is one of my favorite spots that’s also pretty close to us.  It may sound crazy, but the mashed potato taco is seriously so good.  (I usually get one of each of the tacos – one short rib, one mashed potato.)  Also, I haven’t tried one for myself yet, but I’ve heard rave reviews about the twice-baked potato.  And if you’re feeling like a cocktail, their skinny margaritas are always super fresh.


P.S. – Stay tuned for a restaurant giveaway on Instagram today!

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