The Reason You NEED a Good Nude Slip

Parker NY fringe dressParker NY fringe dressParker NY fringe dressParker NY fringe dressParker NY fringe dressParker NY fringe dressParker NY fringe dressParker NY fringe dress  Parker coverup (c/o);  Nude slip (c/o) Shopbop;  Tory Burch sandalsHatsimilar bagsunglasses (affordable version here);  Baublebar bracelets (and here)

In case y’all haven’t heard a time or two on this blog, I grew up in Louisiana.  And in case you don’t know, those summers can be a bit…TOASTY.  Holy moly, the sweat factor.  Now don’t get me wrong – HUGE fan of the South over here, and all of the food and all of the people and all of the hospitality and all of the Y’alls.  But there’s just that summer heat, man…

Last July I found myself in Miami for Swim Week and thought, oh yeah, there’s that heat I remember.  Holy humidity.  The coolest, breeziest pieces in my suitcase were swimsuit coverups, and I wanted to wear them everywhere.  (See here and here.)  Problem: They tend to be a little sheer.  Not wanting to show my booty to Miami, I wore swimsuits under them a couple of times and pretended I came straight from the beach.  #Guilty.

But these days, I’ve got a better solution.  Y’all, you have GOT to invest in a good nude slip.  I’ve looked around for one for years, but I feel like they’re always tight-fitting.  If you’ve tried one of those, maybe you’re in my boat – they ALWAYS “ride up” and end up anywhere except for where you want them – all bunched up and crazy.  Know what I’m saying?  Anywho, I’ve found an amazing version, and I LOVE this one.  (It fits a bit looser, but it was a little long so I cut it.)

In the photos above, I’m sharing a new favorite coverup from Parker, but it’s just too pretty to be limited to the pool.  Am I right?  (Although I could totally spend unlimited time at the Hyatt Huntington Beach pool.)  Pop a little slip under, and it’s a new favorite (easy, breezy) summer dress.  Hot and bothered looks good on no one, y’all.  Get a lightweight nude slip, and live your best life.  Happy Tuesday, guys!


Photos thanks to Vincent Elejorde

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