Packin’ My Bags

untitled-9104untitled-9105untitled-9116untitled-9097untitled-9078Travel with Lucyuntitled-9071  Photos thanks to Taylor Cole

lucy pants (c/o);  Striped topGap jacketRebecca Minkoff Mini MABSole Society duffel (c/o);  JustFab espadrilles (c/o);  a.v.max bangles (c/o);  Ray-Ban Aviators

Remember that girl you hated posting Instagrams at the beach in March?  Well consider this my official apology.  This week Newport Beach has dealt us a serious taste of our own medicine with overcast days followed by cold and windy nights that have given me a bit of wanderlust.  (I write this post wrapped in a blanket scarf.)  While I have no travel plans at the moment, I know exactly what I’ll be wearing as soon as the chance comes my way.  Lucy has been a go-to for workout wear for me for a while, and I’ll find any way to wear my sweats all day, everyday.  These pants are about as comfy as they come (go figure), and paired with a few other over-worn basics from my closet, they’re good to go and hot to trot.  I’m packin’ my bags.  So come on, people…where to?

Happy weekend, wherever you’re spending it!


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