My Picks from the Huge MZ Wallace Sale

MZ Wallace on sale | My Style Diaries blogger Nikki Prendergast Well I promised to keep sharing some of my favorite sale finds around the interwebs during this crazy quarantine time, and this one just may be one of my favorites yet.  I’ve carried MZ Wallace bags for years (according to blog posts, alllll the way back to 2015), and they are still my very favorite brand for travel totes, duffles, and generally just go-everywhere bags.  I always thought they were pretty cute, but I never knew just how GOOD they were until I tried them out for myself.

My favorite feature is probably the comfy handles and straps.  No matter how much crap I cram into my MZ Wallace bags, they are always still comfortable to carry.  (It’s something that unfortunately can’t be said about a couple of designer totes that I also tend to travel with – here’s looking at you, Neverfull.)  They also come with a ton of interior pockets and removable pouches and can even be folded up completely into one of the pouches.  (So great to pack away in a suitcase in case you need to use while on a trip or on the way home.)  My most used is definitely the Large Metro Tote, but I also love my Large Sutton.

MZ Wallace bags are seriously just the best travel, gym, or weekend bags (pretty much the only ones I use for weekend trips to Palm Springs), and there’s a slew of them currently on major sale.  I haven’t seen prices like these from them maybe ever, and there are some really great bags included.  Although I probably don’t need another, I couldn’t resist ordering this one for the weekend trips when just one bag won’t do.  (Is one ever really enough?)  Scroll below for some of my favorite finds from the sale.  Happy almost weekend, guys!


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