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aussie-3aussie-2aussie-4aussie-5aussie-6aussie-8aussie-9aussie  Aussie Total Miracle Collection 7N1 Shampoo and Conditioner, and Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Strong Conditioning Treatment (c/o);  pajamassweater robe

If there’s one particular type of photo that I’m constantly stalking on Instagram and Pinterest, it’s the gals with the killer manes.  The thick, flowing, Rapunzel-haired girls give me ALL of the hair envy.  And also, total hair goals to work towards.  After years and years of highlights, at-home dye jobs (in college, horrifying), extensions, bad cuts and lack of trims, my hair was seriously crying for help.  Annnnnd, not to mention, my straightener and curling wand are never really out of sight.

In recent years though, I’ve really tried to be a little smarter with my hair habits.  I take hair supplements daily and try to limit the amount of times per week that I wash my hair.  Admittedly that is still a huge work in progress because my hair tends to get oily quickly.  (Dry shampoo definitely helps a ton though.)  When I do wash my hair, I love to stick with a morning routine that’s simple, and while I’m always down to try the expensive beauty products out there, I also love finding favorites that are affordable.  (I think most blondes would agree that we tend to spend enough in the salon alone!)  Lately I’ve been taking Aussie’s Total Miracle Collection for a spin, and y’all, it’s a winner.  The winter (well, Southern California winter) weather lately has made my hair and skin really dry, but this shampoo, conditioner and conditioning treatment have really helped breathe a little life back into my hair.  For me, that really translates to how my hair holds a curl, how the ends look, and how knotty it can get at the end of the day.  Aussie’s 3 Minute Miracle Strong Conditioning Treatment helps reduce damage and makes hair 10x stronger against damage.  Plus, Aussie’s Total Miracle Collection 7N1 Shampoo and Conditioner’s moisturizing frizz control system makes hair silky smooth while strengthening it against damage.  And the smell of Aussie products have always been a favorite of mine.  You can purchase the products on Amazon which just makes life so much easier.  How did we live before our Amazon Prime accounts?

After washing, I make sure to leave myself plenty of time for air-drying before firing up the blow-dryer, straightener and curling wand.  (I usually blow-dry upside-down, straighten the pieces around my face, and then curl big, loose sections.)  When brushing or combing my hair, I’ve learned how important it is to be so gentle.  (I mean, who knew yanking a brush through your mane like a crazy person could be bad for it?  Ummm…)  At night, I sleep with my hair in a low braid or a bun on top of my head so that the following morning I can fluff a little, reapply dry shampoo, and maybe re-curl a couple of pieces.  (Or, let’s be honest, throw it in a high ponytail and call it a day.)  It’s all still a learning process, and there are plenty of hours to be spent drooling over Pinterest and Instagram ahead, but I’m pretty sure I’m on my way.  What are some of the best hair tips and budget products you’ve found over the years?


Photos thanks to Taylor Cole

Disclosure:  This post is sponsored by Aussie, but all opinions are my own.  Thank you for supporting the brands that make My Style Diaries possible.

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