Holiday Treat Yourself

If the holiday hustle and bustle has you feeling a little less than refreshed, then this weekend is the perfect time to recharge.  Blame my Southern roots, but for me, nothing says relaxation better than a hot bath, so it’s no surprise I get pretty excited about luxe new bath products.  If you’re like me, you definitely need to add Prestiche’s line (the “Mineral Treat” in Lavender is a personal fave) to your pre- or post-holiday de-stress repertoire.  Head on over to to stock up on a wide array of gimmick-free, yummy-smelling goods, and you just may find that a little well-deserved “me time” is just the ticket to get you back in the holiday spirit.  Oh, and use code “nikki60” at checkout to receive 60% off of everything sitewide.  Yep, 60% off.  Good times, kids.  Hope everyone has a great (and relaxing) weekend!

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