Holiday Gift Guide for the Guys

Holiday Gift Guide for the Guys1. Plaid Flannel Shirt  2. Ugg Slippers  3. John Varvatos Vintage Cologne   4. Classic Leather Watch  5. Nike Sneakers  6. Crosley Radio Turntable  7. Stance USC Socks  8. One Blade Electric Trimmer and Shaver  9. RVCA Bomber Jacket  10. Intense Therapy Lip Balm Duo  11. Brixton Flannel Shirt  12. Amazon Echo Dot  13. Leather Money Clip  14. Luxe Leather Trimmed Duffle  15. Vans Leather Slip-On Sneaker  16. Nest Learning Thermostat  17. RVCA Soft Hoodie

Ahh, gifts for the guys.  I must admit that even on the rare year that I actually get a good head start on my holiday shopping, I tend to save the guys for last.  Occasionally I’ll come across something great for Eric or my dad, but in general, I just have more fun shopping for the girls.  (Maybe because it’s easier to throw in a little something for myself along the way?  Guilty.)

But this year I’m determined to change my ways and get a jumpstart on shopping for the boys.  This year’s list of potentials includes a flannel shirt or two, new sneaks, Eric’s favorite cologne, and Stance socks to replace a few pairs that have recently gone missing.  (Eric loves Stance socks and stocked up on them a couple of years ago.  Unfortunately these days there is someone in the house who loves them just as much as he does – a guilty-looking puppy named Louise.)

Perhaps this is finally my year to be done, cool, calm and collected by December 23rd.  Maybe, but then what’s the fun in that?  Happy holiday shopping, friends.


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