Good Hair Days Ahead

If you follow this little blog of mine, you may notice some time to time chatter about my toddler hair and, well, lack of it.  A good hair day for me involves a little fluffing, a little product, and a little magic with a straightener.  I’ve never really been a curling iron girl (although I did try out a wand recently and liked it overall, minus the time that it took me) and much prefer to tousle up my do with a skinny straightener.  I’ve used the same one for years (probably a couple years too many), so I was pretty stoked when the people over at ghd (which stands for good hair day – pretty good, right?) offered to send me a new one.  A fancy new pink one.  (And bonus, cheap thrill: how good does a fresh new paddle brush feel on your head?  So good, friends, so good.)  The straightener beeps to let you know it’s fired up and ready, and the size is just perfect for the wave/curls that I like.  For a more put-together look, I’ll section off pieces and carefully curl each (basically turn the straightener as you move it down each section – check out ghd’s tutorial video here), but for a messier look like the one above, I like to grab random, quick sections of hair.  For more ideas, check out ghd’s how-to’s and inspiration here.  Happy Friday, everyone!


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  1. Dawn Lucy
    December 16, 2013 at 12:57 pm (10 years ago)

    Love the rocker vibe!


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