5 Things I’m Loving This Week

Happy weekend, friends!  I’ve been super lucky to get some sweatshirt weather at night these days, and I’m also lucky enough to find some favorites that are making me happy as a clam this week.  May your weekend be killer and your face regime even better with this moisturizer.  Love you gals.


Beautytap and the MOST luxurious moisturizer ever – Last week I went to the grand opening of the Beautytap store at South Coast Plaza and came home with the most luxurious moisturizer ever.  Everyone obsessed with beauty knows that K-Beauty is the thing, but where do you start?  The experts there can set you up with exactly what you want, and trust, this moisturizer is exactly what I never knew I wanted.  Take one little ball, smash it in your hands, and treat yo’self with the most amazing spa experience.  This stuff is worth its weight in GOLD.

Fall decor in the dining room – I set a few goals earlier this month, and one of them was decorating our house for fall.  While I still haven’t found the perfect pumpkins for the front steps, the dining room is currently ready for her fall close-up, and it’s making me super happy.  Mini pumpkins, fall leaves, and the happiest little Thanksgiving plates?  Check.

Henri Bendel’s Plaza Mini bag – You guys, I’m sad.  Really sad.  This week I heard the news that the schmucks who own Henri Bendel are shutting it down.  Henri Bendel is a mainstay.  It’s a favorite of mine.  Two years ago, when our house was under construction, the exterior walls were removed, the unheard-of Southern California rain was raining in on our wood floors daily, we had to move out, my closet was locked up in a POD and I had no idea how to keep the blog going, I received the most beautiful Henri Bendel handbag in the mail that literally made me cry happy tears.  It was a small beam of happiness.  It’s a brand I’ve loved and always will, and when I heard they were being shut down, I went to my local store and bought the prettiest bag that I’ll keep forever.

Edoughble – Did you guys know we live in a world where edible, shippable cookie dough by the container exists?  Because I did not know, but now that I know?  Game. Changer.  This stuff is good.  So, so good.  You don’t bake it, you just eat it.  Or add it to ice cream.  Or just eat it.  I refrigerated it, fed it to a bunch of doubters, and came out victorious.  Winner, winner, fools.

The hunt for the perfect leather jacket – I’ve got a floral leather jacket in my life that makes me SO happy.  I freaking love this jacket, and after taking care of it and wearing the heck out of it the past couple of years, I feel like a good leather jacket is such a good investment.  So for my birthday this year (November 12th, Scorpios), I’m currently on the hunt for a new leather jacket.  I LOVE the leather jackets at AllSaints, but I’m on the lookout for a black or grey leather jacket with GOLD or matte black hardware.  Why does every single leather jacket have a silver zipper and snaps?  Give a girl some gold.  Please let me know if you find a good one.

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