A Little Note from Me to You

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Happy Monday, friends.  Admittedly it’s a weird Monday to wake up to, and in the spirit of transparency and to avoid being totally tone deaf, I wanted to address it.  Eric and I are settled in for the next couple of weeks of quarantine during the current coronavirus climate.  His physical office is closed, the restaurants and many businesses of our city are slowly shutting down, and our plans are all cancelled for the foreseeable future.  We’ll be doing our part to help flatten the curve and hope that anyone else who is able to stay home does so.

That said, I hope you don’t mind if we keep things pretty light around here.  I’ve got a bunch of spring fashion content saved up and ready to share.  (I’d love to say that it was on purpose, but to be honest, it was kind of an accident.  I had a couple of deadlines for sponsored content, so I ended up shooting lots of things ahead of time.)  And while we’re spending so much time at home, hopefully I’ll get some more home content up for you guys.  We shall see!

But mostly, I hope we can all take the next few weeks to be extra kind to each other.  Offer help to your elderly friends and family, check on single friends who may be spending lots of time alone, do what you can to support your local small businesses, and give a little gratitude to those working in the fields that we need so much right now.  It won’t be a walk in the park for anyone, so there’s never been a better time for a little compassion, kindness, and common sense.

Wishing everyone health, happiness, and patience with each other while we work to get through to the other side of this mess.  Oh, and wash your hands.


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