Cabo Swim Style

Cabo swim styleCabo Swim Style Cabo swim style 3cabo swim style 5cabo swim style 6cabo swim style 7cabo swim style 8cabo swim style 11cabo swim style9cabo swim style10pineapple Photos thanks to Taylor Cole

Becca swimsuit (c/o);  Shop Bella C Kaftan (c/o);  Shop Prima Donna hat and tote (c/o);  Las Bayadas towel (c/o);  Tkees sandals

Since returning home from Cabo last week, my mind has turned to New York Fashion Week and everything fall fashion.  And while my mind may be on fall, I’ve got to be honest with myself: it’s still REAL warm in Southern California, and my wardrobe still has a little summer life left in it.  (I’m currently typing this with a fan blowing full-speed in my face.  And, like, I’m still sweating.)  Over the next week or so I’ll be sharing a couple more looks from our #SBCGetaway to Cabo, and this pool-side look has “beat the heat” written all over it.  My favorite kind of swim cover-ups are lightweight and not too sheer, and this one fits the bill perfectly.  And honestly, it really wouldn’t be too surprising to find me wearing this mid-week, sprawled out on our (somewhat) cool tile floor, typing away on my new, non-crashed computer.  Life is good, y’all.


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