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I never, never thought I’d say this, but here I am loving on the off the shoulder dress trend.  I mean, I’ve now worn off the shoulder things a whopping three times on the blog, and that’s three times more than I thought I would.  Why, you ask?  Because strapless bras make me want to go postal.  Like, legit lose it.  My entire life, I haven’t found one that fits right until just this summer, and I swear, I’ve found the best strapless bra out there.  Interested?  You can find it here in four colors and like a thousand sizes.  I originally bought it out of necessity for a bridesmaid dress, and I figured I’d wear it that one time and never again.  Au contraire.  I find myself VOLUNTARILY choosing to go strapless, and if you’re a busty gal, you know that that’s kind of a big deal.  When I came across little dresses like this one, I was always like, cute, but no.  But these days I’m like YASSS, get in my shopping cart.  Off the shoulder tops and dresses are new friends, and spaghetti straps are no longer an issue.  And now I’m rambling on, but the point of this whole story is that strapless bras don’t have to suck.  And in fact when you find the best strapless bra, the outfit possibilities are just so endless.


Photos thanks to Gabi Wells

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