Beauty Talk: The Face Essentials


Last night I found myself aimlessly roaming around the beauty-crack-filled shelves of Sephora.  I knew that I needed new Bare Minerals foundation, but every time I’m surrounded by beauty products, I can’t help but search for the new game changer for my skincare and makeup routine.  Although I left with only the foundation (and maybe a new purse-sized perfume), I thought I’d share a couple of products that I’ve been loving lately.  This 3Lab “M” Cream is currently my undereye saver.  Definitely the favorite find in my #LuckyFABB swag bag, it is luxe and pricey, but oh-so-noteworthy.  I apply it under my eyes most nights before bed and in the mornings before I apply my makeup.  It hides noticeably tired eyes and has (I think) improved the overall quality of the skin under my eyes.  After the seemingly miracle cream, I apply Olay’s tone correcting CC Cream.  Before Lucky FABB, I was a fan of the BB creams, but I wasn’t familiar with any of the CC (color-correcting) creams.  This one goes on with an easy-to-blend consistency and doesn’t leave me feeling greasy like many other creams.  (Plus, it’s an everyday SPF 15 that I don’t have to think about.)  The final step for “putting on my face” is the Bare Minerals foundation.  Six years ago when I first moved to Los Angeles (pretty much a desert) from Louisiana (super duper humid), my skin definitely freaked out.  I switched from the drying powder that I was using before to the Bare Minerals formula and haven’t looked back since.  (I swear by the stuff.)  After that, of course, there are bronzers, blushes, highlighters and such, depending on the day, but that’s a whole separate post.  I’d love to know – what are some of your favorite face essentials?

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