The Amazon Finds I’m Loving Right Now

Amazon maxi dressWelden bagBrixton hat (more colors here);  Walmart sandals

Well if there ever was a time to round up some current Amazon faves, it’s now because let’s just say that our Amazon Prime account has definitely seen some use lately.  From dresses to pretzels and sanitizers to kitchen gadgets, here are some of the Amazon finds I’m loving right now.

This easy, lightweight maxi dress – I’ve had good luck with Amazon maxi dresses in the past (still LOVE this one and this one), so I figured I might as well go for round three.  (Honestly, I feel like as long as something is on Amazon Prime and offers free returns, you really can’t go wrong.  Returns are so easy for things that don’t work out.)  The dress above comes in a million different prints and colors – including some that are plus sized – and is just so lightweight and easy for summer.

Some seriously addictive pretzels – OK, I know what you’re thinking.  Pretzels?  But trust, these are SO good.  I came across recommendations for these a couple of times on the interwebs and figured I needed to check them out.  And well, they totally live up to the hype.  They’re crunchy, delicious, and coated in some type of addictive savory seasoning that makes them hard to put down.  We also like to kick things up a notch around here and dip them in a spicy mustard.  I’ve already ordered more and included a couple of bags of the Southwest flavor because, you know, research.

Apple AirPods and a handy little case – Eric gave me AirPods for Christmas, and I seriously had no idea how much I would use them.  I knew they’d be great for listening to music while walking the pups, but I also really love them for phone calls.  The sound quality is so good.  So when Eric started stealing mine while working from home, I ordered him a pair from Amazon.  And then a pair each for our moms for Mother’s Day.  They’re a pretty versatile gift for anyone in the family, and I love this handy little case to easily take them on the go.

Sunscreen for the pups – Full disclosure – I KNOW I’m a crazy dog mom, but I’m fine with that.  Dogs can get melanoma too, and I’ve seen too many social media posts of Vizslas who have it, so here we are.  I pretty much just make sure to spray their nose and ear areas before super sunny walks.  They don’t love it, but they also don’t flip out, so that’s a win, right?

A super handy candle lighter – We’re still spending most or all of our time at home, and somehow days are just better when the house is clean and a candle is lit.  I’ve been stocking up on these candles (that smell exactly like a much more expensive brand) and lighting them with this nifty little flameless lighter.  The bendy neck lets you easily get down into candle jars, and the fact that it’s rechargeable means you’ll never run out of fluid.  It’s a cheap kitchen thrill that I’ve been using almost every day.

The prettiest caftan coverup – You guys know I live for a good caftan – over a swimsuit or layered over a slip – and even better when I can find one that doesn’t break the bank.  I figured I’d try out this under $30 blue one (again – easy returns) and was so pleasantly surprised.  The embroidery is so pretty, and the lightweight fabric is so good for the beach or poolside in Palm Springs.  You can see a peek at how it looks on here.

Easy-spray hand sanitizer – Thankfully now that there’s no shortage, hand sanitizer is easy to find, but we all know that some brands are better than others.  While this lemon coconut scented one is definitely my number one, I also love this version with a continuous spray pump similar to spray-on sunscreen.  Some of the reviews complain about the smell, but I don’t notice it at all, and we love that it’s super convenient for hands or things like…Amazon packages.

This huge pack of ChapSticks – Just where do all the lost ChapSticks go?  Eric and I were constantly on the hunt for ours, especially when we spent a few weeks in the desert heat, so here’s a pack of 18 in all the best summer flavors for those like us who are hooked on the Stick.

A new favorite pair of summer sandals – I wanted a new pair of comfortable summer sandals that were dressed-up enough to wear out in place of heels.  Something I could easily pair with a mini or maxi dress for casual dinners or desert nights out with friends.  Basically, I was hoping to find something exactly like this pink pair I own from a few seasons back. Well, I found them and seriously love them.  I ordered the gold pair from Amazon and then ended up finding them in red in my size on eBay, sooo I now own those too.  I’m not big on “designer dupes”, but I do LOVE these studded sandals that just so happen to look a lot like this designer pair.

A genius little egg bite maker – We can blame this one on the damn Facebook ads that track my every move because, well, they got me again.  If you’re a sucker for those Starbucks egg bites like me, then you’ll love this little egg bite maker so that you can make them at home in your PJ’s.  It comes in three different color options and includes molds for both the mini egg bites and a size that’s perfect for breakfast sandwiches.  I ordered mine on Amazon but just found it cheaper here through Target.

A new rug for my office – You’ve probably seen the new rug a hundred times in flat-lay photos and quarantine mirror selfies on Instagram, but after testing it out for a few weeks, I’m still really loving this rug.  The colors are as pictured, quality is nice, and free Prime shipping to your door just makes everything easier these days.


Photos thanks to Katie Stuart

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