15 Summer Finds Under $50

affordable summer fashion 1. Light Wood Tassel Bracelets  2. Beaded Clutch with Tassel  3. Wide-Leg Pants  4. Embroidered Tunic  5. Lace-Up Gladiator Sandal  6. Floppy Colorblocked Hat  7. Made by Mary Personalized Nameplate  8. Wire-Trimmed Sunglasses  9. Straw Tote With Fringe Detail  10. Cotton Off-the-Shoulder Dress  11. Snake Print Slide  12. Silver Slip-On Sandals  13. Patterned Scarf  14. Tassel Earrings  15. Patterned Sarong

Well y’all, the new home renovation is currently in full swing. (Remember this post?  I swear I’ll share sneak peeks of something besides the backyard soon…just not yet.)  And as someone who’s spent WAY too much time in the Home Depot lately, I’m giving my brain a little break and turning my attention to summer fashion.  And affordable summer fashion to be exact.  Blame my recent trips to Bermuda and Miami or blame the constant dust cloud coming from our house that I’m trying to escape, but I just want to look like I’m dressing for a tropical vacay everyday.  Off-the-shoulder this, tasseled that, I can’t get enough.  And with everything here under $50 (plus lots under $25), I’m not even feeling bad about it.  So what if I’m resort-ready sipping a lemonade with the sweet, sweet sounds of electric saws in the background?  (If that’s even what they’re called.)  Summer is coming, people, and I’m over here like “Bring it on.”


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