50 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale | My Style Diaries Nikki PrendergastNordstrom Anniversary Sale | My Style Diaries Nikki PrendergastNordstrom Anniversary Sale | My Style Diaries Nikki PrendergastNordstrom Anniversary Sale | My Style Diaries Nikki Prendergast Leopard cardigansimilar skirtGucci handbag

Happy Friday, friends!  If you haven’t heard from the 17,486,900 other bloggers out on the interwebs, the Nordstrom Anniversary sale hits this week.  Big card holders have been shopping for a couple of days, but today at 9:30 PST the sale hits for all card holders.  (Including me – and side note, I don’t have a Nordstrom credit card, I have the Nordstrom debit card so it’s the same as shopping with my own debit card.)

Anywho, it’s one of my favorite sales of the year because it’s brand new stuff on sale, things that are just hitting the site.  Full disclosure, I feel like in previous years I’ve overdone this sale big time – BIG TIME.  And this year I promise not to.  But, I’ve combed and combed and found some things that I feel are totally worth shopping.  I wanted to narrow it down to 25, but here we are at 50.

This year, there are a few things I’ll be zeroing in on:

Activewear – Let’s face it, I pretty much live in activewear these days, from the gym to the grocery story to the dog walk, and the Anniversary Sale always has some great finds.

A new bra from Chantelle – If you’re busty, this brand is awesome.  I’ve had their bras for years, and they’re both supportive and pretty.  There are a couple of good ones included in this year’s sale.

Anything Madewell – It’s one of my favorite brands of the moment, and there are some great pieces in the sale.  Last year I found the prettiest Madewell dress in the sale, and I’m OBSESSED with their denim.

Wear right now dresses – In years past, I tried to stock up on fall finds because there are just so many great boots, sweaters, and jackets, but fall in Southern California is still pretty hot.  So this year I’m focusing on things I can wear right now and not have to store away for months.

Something Barefoot Dreams – It’s always one of the most popular brands in the sale, and this year, I’m snagging something in their cozy, delicious fabric.  We have a trip to Idaho coming up in the next couple of weeks, and I’m thinking this cardigan or this wrap would be perfect for the flight and chilly nights there.  (Or perhaps I need both?)

So I’m headed to the store today to see what I can snag, but if online is more your jam, feel free to scroll below for the pieces that I think are totally worth it.  And if you find something I’ve missed, let me know, girl!  It’s like Black Friday shopping without the turkey hangover, so let’s do this, shall we?


Photos thanks to Michelle Preau

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