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insta - 1 (4) Green Dragon fringed kimono (c/o);  Becca swim top (c/o);  Sugar sandals (c/o);  Jemma Sands necklace (c/o) insta - 1 (5) Levi’s shorts (c/o) Shopbop;  striped teecabi jacket (old);  Gorjana necklace (c/o) My Style Diaries on Instagram Riller & Fount dress (old);  studded sandals (SO comfortable);  Baublebar necklace (c/o);  sunglassesJulie Vos banglesinsta - 1 (6) Pur cosmetics bronzer (c/o);  Dermstore brushes (c/o) – great setInstagram Born Footwear sandals (c/o);  Sugar sandals (c/o);  Yosi Samra palm flip flops (c/o);  Baublebar tassel necklaceAustralia Luxe gladiator sandal (c/o);  Jemma Sands bracelets and necklaceclutch (c/o) ShopbopFine Foutas towel (c/o) insta - 1 Shop Bella C coverup (sold out);  Becca swim top and bottomsHat Attach beach bagsunglasses insta 3 Dresssimilar sandalscabi vest and scarfHenri Bendel baginsta 4 cabi scarf

Happy Friday, friends!  Who’s ready for the weekend?  I’m not gonna lie, I’m way excited.  Today I’m headed off to the East Coast, and tomorrow morning I’ll be hopping on a Royal Caribbean cruise to BERMUDAAA!  I’m super excited because (a) I’ve never been on a cruise before so why not start with Bermuda and (b) I’m cruising with a few of my favorite gals: Kathleen, Jenn, Krystal, and Courtney.  Sometimes I don’t know how I got so lucky in this life, but I’m thankful as all get-out and feeling like the luckiest duck around.  So if you’re following along on Instagram (and I hope you are!), then stay tuned for a few snaps from the high seas.  (And full disclosure, I have no idea what the high seas are, it just sounded right.)  Also, I’m rounding up a few photos from Instagram lately and linking the details exactly above.  Because when it comes to making it easy to shop the look, I’m here for you, girl.  Happy, Happy, Happiest weekend, y’all!


SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by SK-II through their partnership with POPSUGAR. While I was compensated by POPSUGAR to write a post about SK-II all opinions are my own.  Thank you for supporting the brands that make My Style Diaries possible.SK-II Treatment Essence SK-II - 1 (3)SK-II - 1 (2)SK-II - 1 (6)SK-II - 1 (4)SK-II - 1 (7)SK-II - 1 (5)SK-II - 1SK-II Facial Treatment Essence (c/o);  Show Me Your Mumu robe (c/o)

Today, friends, let’s talk about skin. Skin care is one of my favorite topics to research, obsess about, and discuss with girlfriends, and for good reason! We all dread a bad hair day, but a bad face day? I’ll stay in bed. My blog has given me the opportunity over the years to try out SO many amazing skin care brands and products (#spoiled), but recently I was able to try out a whole new category of things.

You’ve heard of cleansers and scrubs, moisturizers and toners, but have you heard of a facial essence? I tried out SK-II’s Facial Treatment Essence, and the verdict? It’s good. Real good. It’s a super easy-to-apply clear liquid that you pat all over a clean face, morning and night. Packed with nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, it preps your skin and allows it to absorb the next steps of your skin care routine. (If you’re going to spend money on skin care, it helps if your skin is actually drinking it in, right?) The Facial Essence moisturizes and helps smoothe the skin’s texture, leaving my face SO soft. (Like noticeably, really, really soft.) It’s a miracle water of sorts, and I, for one, am sold.


Photos thanks to Taylor Cole

Wedding Wednesdays: Rehearsal Night

rehearsal dinner rehearsal - 1 (2) rehearsal - 1 (3)rehearsalrehearsal - 1 (5)rehearsal - 1 (6)rehearsal - 1 (7)rehearsal - 1 (8)rehearsal - 1rehearsal - 1 (10)Adrianna Papell dress (c/o);  Erin Cole Couture hair wreath (c/o);  Kayu clutch (c/o);  similar heelsDenim Jacket

So excited to share with you guys a few snaps of what I wore to our rehearsal and dinner the night before our wedding.  We rehearsed on the rooftop of the Riverview Room (where our ceremony was supposed to be), but we never got to do that walk on the day of our wedding.  Mother Nature had different plans for our big day, and as you can probably tell from my hair in the last picture above, the wind, drizzling rain and humidity had started to kick in during the rehearsal.  We crossed our fingers anyway and headed off to dinner.  The setting of our rehearsal dinner could not have been more perfect for our families.  We had the entire upstairs of Pier 424, including a balcony overlooking Bourbon Street with plenty of beads to throw.  Let’s just say, everyone seemed to have a great time.  The attire was really casual, but I didn’t care – it’s my party and I’ll wear sequins if I want to.  From the minute I saw this Adrianna Papell dress months ago, I had to figure out something that I could wear it to, and the rehearsal dinner was perfect for it.  The heels, however, did not last my entire walk to the restaurant, and I ended up ducking into a touristy store to buy some NOLA-themed flip flops.  Again, it’s my party…  All in all it was a great night, and we ended up partying until WAY late – something I’ll never regret because we were just having too much fun with everyone to leave.  Our wedding party and guests pretty much filled up The Famous Door afterwards, and Eric and I eventually hopped onstage to dance along with the band.  It was a night we’ll always remember and totally worth a little lost sleep.  Stay tuned for a few more Wedding Wednesday posts coming up!


Photos thanks to Taylor Cole

rehearsal - 1 (9)

Mix and Match Swim

la blanca swim la blanca - 1 (2) la blanca - 1 (3) la blanca - 1 (4) la blanca - 1 (5)la blanca - 1 (7)la blanca - 1 (8)la blanca - 1 (9)la blanca - 1 (10)la blanca - 1 (6)La Blanca swim top, bottom, and coverup (c/o);  HatsunglassesPura Vida and Julie Vos bracelets (c/o)

Hey, hey, girlfriends!  Who’s ready to kick some Monday ass?  Well, I’m not sure, but the coffee is starting to kick in I think.  Something else that’s about to kick in?  The amazing realization that I’m heading to Bermuda on a Royal Caribbean cruise this week!  (Cue Jessie Spano singing “I’m SO excited!”)  And this swimsuit right here?  It’s making the trip, y’all.  The top comes in a ton of sizes, including one that’s perfect for the busty gals out there.  Boom, girl.  And because matchy matchy is not my thing, I love the combo of the hot pink top with a red bottom.  And even more?  This kimono is SO good.  I wore it later in the week with a tank and these shorts because I want to wear it every day.  Five days and counting until I’m wearing it ON A BOAT, y’all.  Stay tuned!


Photos thanks to Kathleen

Playing Hooky at the Pacific Edge Hotel

Flynn Skye Kimono Flynn SkyePacific Edgeflynn skye kimono - 1 (3)flynn skye kimono - 1 (5)flynn skye kimono - 1 (4)flynn skye kimono - 1 (6)flynn skye kimono - 1 (7)Flynn Skye 3 Levi’s shorts (c/o) Shopbop;  Bella Luxx tank;  Flynn Skye kimono (similar);  Beek sandals (c/o);  sunglassesGiGi New York crossbodyBrixton hatHat Attack beach bagJulie Vos bangles

Happy Friday, friends!  While I’m pretty stoked that it’s Friday (hey weekend, heyyy), I’m currently sitting here daydreaming back to Tuesday of this week.  Huh?  I know.  Tuesday was totally one of those pinch-me days where I put the computer down and played hooky all day with Miriam, Kathleen, and Lydia at the Bungalows at the Pacific Edge Hotel.  While my plans included getting a little sun and possibly hitting the beach, we pretty much spent all day chit-chatting in the shade, eating ALL OF THE FOODS, sipping a little vino, and planning to steal Miriam’s adorable little mini me.  (She’s the tiny set of legs in the background of the first photo above.)  This of course means that the day was a total success and beyond relaxing, and since the Pacific Edge just won’t let me move in permanently (how rude), I’m already planning out my next excuse to spend the day there.  Hope everyone has an amazing weekend ahead!


Festival Season

festival season festival season - 1 (2) festival season - 1 (3) festival season - 1 (4) festival season - 1 (5) festival season - 1 (6) festival season - 1 (7) festival season - 1 (10)festival season - 1 (9)festival season - 1 (11)festival season - 1 (12)festival season - 1 (13)Free People dressMari A. sandals (c/o);  similar fringe bagGorjana necklace;  Karen London and Julie Vos braceletsErin Cole headpieceRay-Ban sunglasses

It’s officially festival season, and while I have no plans to hit Coachella or any other music fests, I’m always down for double the fringe and any boho embroidery.  This lightweight dress was made for the desert (or beach) heat, and I’m pretty sure these fringe sandals (under $50!) can be worn with, like, everything I own.  The bag is from last year, but I’ve linked so many similar styles below.  And the icing on the cake?  Getting to re-wear the Erin Cole jeweled headpiece from my rehearsal dinner that I’m beyond obsessed with.  (Really, any excuse to wear the wedding jewels again.)  I mean, festing is fun, but demo day #3 on our new house is better, right?


Wedding Wednesdays: Maidenchange

MaidenchangeDeux Lux Mrs. overnight bag (c/o);  similar passport coverMrs. BoxMaidenchange packet Maidenchange Well, the vows have been spoken, the rings are exchanged, the photos were snapped (and will obviously be shared here soon), and the dance floor was packed.  Now what?  Well this past week as we started setting up utilities for construction at our new home, it occurred to me that I’d better get started on that whole married name change thing.  And just as every single married friend of mine warned me (like, overly warned me), it’s a paper-filled, long process.  Lucky for me, this week I also discovered Maidenchange, and the whole process suddenly seems like a breeze.  Here’s the deal.  For $39, you’ll get a packet to your door that contains literally everything you’ll need to change your name including instructions, pre-filled forms and pre-addressed and stamped envelopes. All you need to do is fill in your social security number and a few other personal items, sign and drop in the mail.  It has instructions or forms for your social security card, passport, driver’s license, debit and credit cards, voter and vehicle registration, name change notification, and IRS change of address.  I mean, how would I even know that I need to fill out all those things?  Survey says, I wouldn’t.  If you’re a bride-to-be or newly married gal, Maidenchange will seriously make your life easier.  (And after all that wedding planning, couldn’t you use a break?)  If you’re looking for the perfect wedding gift for a friend (and not really trying to scrape the bottom of the registry barrel), there’s gift cards too.  Trust me, your friend will thank you.


White Delights

everything but water everything but water - 1 (2) everything but water - 1 (3) everything but water - 1 (4) everything but water - 1 (5) everything but water - 1 (6) everything but water - 1 Becca swim top and bottomMatta coverup (c/o) Everything But WaterHat Attack beach bagsunglassesJulie Vos bangles

Since moving to Newport Beach a few years ago, my collection of swimsuits and coverups has admittedly gotten a little out of hand, but I like to think that’s just because there are so many good ones out there these days.  Over the past year, I focused my attention on white suits and caftans because, well, it just seemed like the bridal thing to do at first and then it became a full-on obsession.  If you love a good white beach look like me, brace yourself.  Everything But Water has just launched the ultimate capsule collection full of “White Delights” and it is SO GOOD.  The collection includes bikinis, one-pieces and a few really great coverup options from some of Everything But Water’s best designers.  There’s no time like the present to snag your favorite and work on that tan because summer is just around the corner.


Photos thanks to Taylor Cole

Printed Pants

banana republic pants banana republic pants - 1 (2) banana republic pants - 1 (3) banana republic pants - 1 (4)banana republic pants - 1 (7)banana republic pants - 1 (8)banana republic pants - 1 (9)banana republic pants - 1 (10)banana republic pants - 1Banana Republic pants (c/o);  Fidelity tanksimilar blazerBadgley Mischka heelsEssex LA clutch (similar);  Eye Buy Direct sunglasses (c/o);  banglessimilar watch

It’s Friday, y’all, get your party pants on!  I feel like if you’re looking for a new pair of dress slacks, why not go for a fun, printed pair?  This “Sloan” fit from Banana Republic is so flattering and available in so many colors and prints.  I can’t speak for all of the fabrics, but this particular pair fits like a glove and stays pretty wrinkle-free.  (I legit can’t stand it when you sit down in a car for like five minutes and get out looking like a slob kabob, so these have me in the clear.)  Metallic heels and a leopard clutch up the fun factor, while a basic tank (I’ve worn this one a thousand times) and blazer combo simmers the whole thing down.  But enough simmering, let’s kick off the weekend.  What party plans do you guys have in sight?


Photos thanks to Taylor Cole

Hair and Now

current haircareEvery wash: Aveda Color Conserve Shampoo and Conditioner (c/o) current haircare - 1The heavy hitters: Kevin Murphy Maxi Wash and Angel Masque (c/o)current haircare - 1 (2)Kevin Murphy Fresh Hair dry shampooBatiste Dry Shampoo in Light & BlondeSugarbear Hair Gummy VitaminsAveda Shampure Dry ShampooAloxxi Flexible HairsprayLiving Proof Humidity Shield

When it comes to my skincare and makeup routines and even fashion and accessories brands, I tend to be pretty loyal to a few tried and true companies, but if we’re talking hair, I must admit I’ll hop around and try pretty much anything.  As a blogger, the new products and endless options are constantly coming in (which never gets old to me), but it occurred to me recently that I’m REALLY into my current lineup.  And as someone who’s pretty picky about haircare, I thought I’d share with the class.  (Full disclosure: I currently have hair extensions, am constantly highlighting and heat-styling, and probably ingest more dry shampoo per year than vegetables.  Just so you know what kind of “expert” you’re dealing with here.)

There are few hair brands that make me as happy as Aveda, and I think that visiting a true Aveda Salon, complete with the hand and scalp massages and aromatherapy, is such a treat.  I’ve been using the Color Conserve Shampoo and Conditioner recently and can’t stop sniffing my hair throughout the day.  (And now that I write that out, it sounds more than a little strange.  Moving on…)  Post-shower, I’m all about Aveda’s Smooth Infusion style prep as well.  Once a week, I kick things up a notch with a detox shampoo and deep conditioner, and I love the two above from Kevin Murphy.  This line is literally like skincare for your hair and has products that address way more hair issues than your average.

And the extras.  I’ve pretty much never met a dry shampoo that I didn’t like, and currently I have three in rotation.  The Kevin Murphy spray is super lightweight, and I use it more preventatively – to stop oil before it even starts.  The Batiste means serious business, and the blonde color helps hide my roots in between highlights.  The Aveda Shampure is more of a squeezable powder, perfect for volumizing this greasy mane.  I’m not much of a hairspray gal, but this Aloxxi Flexible Hairspray is the perfect lightweight formula, and I’ve used it for years.  I usually curl my hair (with this wand), spray finished curls with the Aloxxi spray, brush through it, and finish with the Living Proof humidity shield.  And as for the Sugarbear Hair vitamins?  I have NO idea how these stack up against similar vitamins, but I DO know that my hair seems to be growing faster and they’re delicious so I actually remember to take them everyday.  So that’s the first step, right?


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