Jean Shorts and Suede Booties…Because It’s Still Summer

denim shorts - 1 (6)denim shorts - 1 (1) denim shorts - 1 (2)denim shorts - 1 (7)denim shorts - 1 (4)denim shorts2 - 1denim shorts - 1 (8)denim shorts - 1 (9)denim shorts - 1 (10)jean shorts and suede booties  Free People shortsC&C California top (c/o);  Charming Charlie booties (c/o);  GiGi New York bag (c/o);  sunglassesJulie Vos bracelets

Monday, we meet again.  How was everyone’s weekend?  Mine was crazy productive in the best way possible.  My mom and my aunt flew in for a way too quick visit, and somehow with their help, we managed to get more decorating done around the house than I’ve been able to accomplish in the last four months.  Sometimes a second (and third) opinion is all you really need to help make a few decisions.  We mainly tackled the bedrooms of our house, and I can’t WAIT to show you guys the finished results…just as soon as we get some closet doors installed.  Baby steps, but I swear I’ll have a couple of room reveals up before it’s full-blown fall around here.

And speaking of fall, I’ve been chatting nothing but fall fashion around here for the last couple of weeks, but let’s be honest – it’s still very much summer outside.  In most places around the country including Southern California, it’s still pretty scorching out, so I’m soaking up every last day I can of jean shorts season.  Only these days, I’m pairing my beloved “jorts” with blouses or fall transitional tops and booties.  And I’ll be honest, there aren’t very many combos I love more than jean shorts and suede booties for the transition into fall.  Weird, maybe, but the jean shorts and suede booties thing has just been a favorite of mine for the last few years.  What are some of the transitional looks that you guys can’t live without?


Photos thanks to Candace

Six Bomber Jackets Under $100

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If you had told me a few seasons ago that Fall 2016 would be all about the bomber jacket, I probably would have told you to take a hike.  I mean, in the nicest way possible.  But yet here we are so quickly approaching fall, and I’m like, dammit I kind of love them.  I mean, who knew?  What an oh-so-random jacket style to come waltzing in like it owns the place.  But somehow, it just works.  With dresses, jeans, leather shorts, you name it, the bomber jacket really just works.  And if you’re sold on the trend like I am, you’re in luck because they’re seriously everywhere in tons of fabrics and colors and all different price ranges.  While I’m down to splurge a little on the classics, I normally don’t spend much on the trends so today I’m sharing six different versions of the bomber that are all under $100.  My personal faves for the season?  Anything in army green, quilted fabrics, and an unexpected satin version.  The under $40 pink satin jacket above totally makes me feel like a member of the Pink Ladies, and I don’t hate it one bit.  But if joining the cast of Grease isn’t your current goal in life, take a little gander at my picks below.  Something’s bound to be screaming your name.


bomber jackets under $100 - 1 1. Matte Mauve Jacket  2. Pilot Jacket  3. Quilted Jacket With Embroidery  4. Satin and Faux Suede Jacket  5. Quilted Navy Jacket

Photos thanks to Jason Huang

Six Denim Dresses Under $100

denim shift denim shift - 1 (2) denim shift - 1 (3) denim shift - 1 (4) denim shift - 1 (5) denim shift - 1 (6) denim shift - 1 (7) denim shift - 1 (8) denim dress Denim shift dressmulesRebecca Minkoff bagsunglassesKendra Scott necklace and bracelets

How’s everyone’s week going so far?  My Monday started off really slow, but by mid-afternoon I was really trucking along and by dinnertime?  I found myself with two, yes two, Crockpots of chicken.  (Don’t judge me and my four Crockpots.)  The husband likes chicken thighs (barf) and I’m a little more fond of chicken breasts, so what’s a girl to do?  Buy both – but you know, you should really try to buy small amounts of both if you’re gonna go for it.  I got excited or something at the store and came home with SO. MUCH. CHICKEN.  It’s Chicken-gate 2016 around here, but we’re not stressing.  Chicken tacos, chicken pasta, chicken and chicken… At this point I do apologize and swear to not mention the word chicken again.  After that one last time.

And now onto something you might actually care about: the easiest transition piece to take you from summer straight to fall.  It’s the denim dress, people, and I’ve rounded up six killer versions that are under $100.  (Why share one denim dress when you can share six that are under 100 bucks?)  The one above is my favorite new mini, and once fall officially falls, switch out sandals or mules for your favorite fall booties.  Plus, if you scoop up the one that I chose above, it’s so easy to layer your favorite long-sleeved tee underneath.  Otherwise, throw a leather jacket over your shoulders and you’re good to go.  Regardless, you can’t go wrong with any of the denim minis here – which would you choose?


denim dresses under $100 - 1 1. The Fifth Label dress  2. J.O.A. Lace-Up Dress  3. One Teaspoon Chambray Dress  4. Frayed Denim Shift  5. Side Stitch Dress

Photos thanks to Valorie Darling

The Bomber Dress

fashion bloggers photographer, anaheim packing house fashion blogfashion bloggers photographer, anaheim packing house fashion blog fashion bloggers photographer, anaheim packing house fashion blog fashion bloggers photographer, anaheim packing house fashion blogfashion bloggers photographer, anaheim packing house fashion blog fashion bloggers photographer, anaheim packing house fashion blogfashion bloggers photographer, anaheim packing house fashion blogfashion bloggers photographer, anaheim packing house fashion blogbomber dress  H&M bomber jacketheelshandbagKYBOE! WatchJulie Vos braceletsGorjana necklacesunglasses

You know those Monday mornings when you just can’t seem to get it together?  Full warning, I’m in slow-mo this morning and I’m not sure a gallon of coffee could help.  About a week ago I shared my favorite bomber of the season (which is currently back in stock) with you guys, and today I’m sharing the trend in a slightly different form.  This one is like a perfect mix of a bomber jacket and a trench coat, and when you size up and zip up, it doubles as an easy pre-fall dress.  So I’m calling this one the bomber dress, and I have no idea (nor do I care) if it was intended to be worn this way.  What I do know is that I love a good versatile piece, and this one is beyond.  For now, throw it on with denim cutoffs, a simple tee and booties for a laidback transitional look, and once the temperatures drop, wear it with skinnies and over-the-knee boots.  For right around $40, you really can’t go wrong with this bomber dress hybrid thing.  (You like that technical terminology?  Blame it on the Monday morning thing.)  Also notable, this handbag is currently on sale, and it’s a pretty sweet find.  (Plus it holds ALL of the things.)  Also, these heels are one of the most worn things I own.  So there’s that, and that’s all.  Here’s hoping your Monday moves along pretty swiftly, friends!


Photos thanks to Jason Huang

Chambray Maxi Dress

chambray maxi dresschambray maxi - 1 (1)chambray maxi - 1 (4)chambray maxi - 1 (5)chambray maxi - 1 (6)chambray maxi - 1 (7)chambray maxi - 1 (8)chambray maxi - 1 (9)chambray maxi - 1chambray maxi - 1 (10)  chambray dress (c/o);  Chinese Laundry sandals (c/o);  Henri Bendel bag (c/o);  Julie Vos braceletssunglassesMade by Mary necklace

Bet you never woke up in the morning and thought, you know what my closet could really use?  A chambray maxi dress, I gotta get one of those.  Or maybe you have, in which case, go you.  Because I certainly never thought I needed one, but now that I have this chambray maxi dress in today’s post, I’m like, what else would I wear this weekend?  It fits like any other potato sack shaped weekend favorite, but it buttons all the way down the front so you can adjust just how much leg you want to show.  (Or just how much attention you want your pom pom sandals to attract because trust me, these kicks speak for themselves.)  And while I’m gushing about this pretty little maxi, I might as well throw in this fun factoid: it’s under $40, y’all.  Cheap thrills, friends, it’s what the weekend was made for, and who am I to let the weekend down?  Time to ditch the alarm clock, pour yourself a little Friday night vino, and say HELLOOO to the weekend.  Happy Friday, guys!


Photos thanks to Valorie Darling

The Romper Dress

maxi romper - 1 (1) maxi romper - 1 (7)maxi romper - 1 (2)maxi romper - 1 (4)maxi romper - 1 (8)maxi romper - 1 (5)maxi romper - 1 (9)maxi romper - 1 (6)maxi romper - 1 (10)maxi romper - 1 (12)maxi romper - 1 (13)maxi romper - 1 (14)maxi romper - 1 (16)romper dress      Forever 21 dress, heels, bag, hat, faux leather jacket, and sunglasses (c/o);  bralettenecklacebelt

A few years ago the romper stormed onto the fashion scene as something actually acceptable to wear out in public past the age of five and it grew really popular, really quickly because, other than that whole unzipping your entire outfit in public restrooms thing, what’s not to love?  I mean, a girl’s gotta have options besides your standard dress.  Similarly, the maxi dress was accepted with super enthusiastic open arms because it’s basically a smiled-upon muumuu, no?  So it was only a matter of time before these two trendy-trends joined forces and birthed, for lack of a better name, the romper dress.  The maxi romper?  The dromper?  Too far, Nikki.

Well who am I to pass up a good fashion fusion, so here I am, giving it a (literal) whirl.  And y’all, it’s not so bad.  I’ve got a long torso so I sized about as far up as you can go and paired her with the first ever bralette that I’ve found for busty gals.  (Seriously, it’s a game-changer.)  The romper dress has long sleeves, but it’s the perfect weight to make it A-OK for right this second.  Fall fashion or no fall fashion, I’m not trying to sweat it out for no apparent reason, feel me?

Also, a little blog housekeeping note.  After a WAY too long hiatus, the My Style Diaries emails are back up and kicking and (I hope!) better than ever!  I’m trying to make it so easy for you guys to get the content, links, and random ramblings straight to your inbox in a clean, consistent manor.  Today is day numero uno of the new system, and I totally welcome your feedback.  Please leave me a comment below or feel free to send over an email to  Growing and learning and experimenting with a romper dress together – who’s with me?!  (Seriously, are you with me?  If you haven’t already, head over to the side bar on the right to sign up for the emails.)  Hope everyone is having a great week!


Photos thanks to Valorie Darling

My Fall Wishlist

fall wishlist - 1 1. Striped Jersey Tee  2. Julie Vos Casablanca Pendant  3. Dolce Vita Over the Knee Boots  4. OTK socks  5. McQ Square Sunglasses  6. Black and Gold Booties 7. Kendra Scott Crystal Cuff  8. Wayf Tie-Neck Dress  9. Henri Bendel Gotham Snake Clutch  10. Knit Turban  11. Faux Leather Skinny Pants  12. Sam Edelman Snake Print Flats  13. Plaid Midi Shirtdress  14. Frye Renee Bootie

Happy Tuesday, friends!  How is everyone’s week so far?  Mine is off to a pretty good start as operation front yard makeover is currently under way.  Our home makeover process started back in April, and we were moving crazy fast to get things done in order to move in.  (You can see a few sneak peeks here.)  Now that we’re in and all settled, the process has slowed down dramatically because I think we just needed a break.  The finishing touches for every single room were stalled, and finishing up the dirt front yard got pushed back and pushed back for one reason or another.  But this week we’re diving back in and starting on our front yard and I couldn’t be more excited.  A planter is happening around our palm tree, grass is replacing the dirt, and a front little patio is finally going in.  I can’t wait to share pics with you guys once this crazy mess is looking brand new.

In the meantime though, I’m keeping myself occupied with all things fall fashion and sharing a little fall wishlist with you guys today.  Far from being the full list, this is just a little sampling of what I have my eye on for the new season, but first things first: new over-the-knee boots.  My current OTK boots are from a couple of seasons ago, and while I still love them, I think it’s probably time to let them go.  Well-loved would be an understatement here.  So I’m on the hunt and thinking these are a pretty sweet option.  And you know, after finding the perfect boots you may as well reward yourself with a cute little fall dress or two, sleek leather pants, or the perfect striped too, right?  What do you guys have on your fall wishlist?


Best Strapless Bra

off the shoulder dressband of gypsies band of gypsies - 1 (2) band of gypsies - 1 (3)band of gypsies - 1 (5)band of gypsies - 1 (6)band of gypsies - 1 (7)band of gypsies - 1 (8)band of gypsies - 1 (9)band of gypsies - 1 (10)band of gypsies - 1 (12)band of gypsies - 1best strapless bra  Band of Gypsies dressRebecca Minkoff heelsHenri Bendel bagsunglassesJulie Vos necklace and bracelet

I never, never thought I’d say this, but here I am loving on the off the shoulder dress trend.  I mean, I’ve now worn off the shoulder things a whopping three times on the blog, and that’s three times more than I thought I would.  Why, you ask?  Because strapless bras make me want to go postal.  Like, legit lose it.  My entire life, I haven’t found one that fits right until just this summer, and I swear, I’ve found the best strapless bra out there.  Interested?  You can find it here in four colors and like a thousand sizes.  I originally bought it out of necessity for a bridesmaid dress, and I figured I’d wear it that one time and never again.  Au contraire.  I find myself VOLUNTARILY choosing to go strapless, and if you’re a busty gal, you know that that’s kind of a big deal.  When I came across little dresses like this one, I was always like, cute, but no.  But these days I’m like YASSS, get in my shopping cart.  Off the shoulder tops and dresses are new friends, and spaghetti straps are no longer an issue.  And now I’m rambling on, but the point of this whole story is that strapless bras don’t have to suck.  And in fact when you find the best strapless bra, the outfit possibilities are just so endless.


Photos thanks to Gabi Wells

Best Bomber Jacket

best bomber - 1 (1) best bomber - 1 (4)best bomber - 1 (2) best bomber - 1 (3)best bomber - 1 (5)bomber jacket  similar leather shortsstriped teeThread & Supply jacketbootiesHenri Bendel handbag (c/o);  sunglassesKYBOE! watchAbercrombie banglesBronzallure ring (c/o)

Like it or not, fall fashion is steady coming atcha, and if there’s one thing you need this season, it’s a bomber jacket.  Seriously, they’re everywhere.  In suede, leather, satin, cotton, you name it.  And they’re pretty much the comfiest jacket trend, like, ever.  (Isn’t that nice – when a trend comes along that is actually super comfy and enjoyable to wear?)  So I searched and I searched and I’m telling you, this is the best bomber jacket that I’ve found so far.  It’s available in two colors but selling out so quickly.  (It’s already been restocked once.)  It’s thick and padded and oh so perfect for the cooler temps ahead.  Plus I just really love the green color.  So pair it with jeans, drape it over your shoulders with a dress, or just pull out those perfect leather shorts that you found at Forever 21 four years back that you can’t stop wearing.  I wish I knew how to quit you.  Anywho, it’s Friday at last and this gal is excited.  Happy dance in the middle of the street excited, or something like that.  Who has some fun plans, and even better, who’s gonna invite me?


Embroidered Wayf Romper

wayf romper - 1 (13)wayf romper - 1 (3)wayf romper - 1 (12)wayf romper - 1 (1) wayf romper - 1 (2)wayf romper - 1 (4)wayf romper - 1 (7)wayf romper - 1 (8)wayf romper - 1 (10)wayf romper - 1 (11)wayf romper - 1 (6)wayf romper - 1 (9)  Wayf embroidered romper (c/o);  heelssimilar fringe handbagQuay sunglassesKendra Scott double ringKendra Scott and Bronzallure bracelets

Blast from the past (AKA last month), but today I’m sharing one last post from New Orleans.  (Yesterday I finished my Miami posts and today New Orleans – basically, it’s Nikki get your shit together week.  Heyyyyyy!  Look who’s getting on the ball here.)  So funny story.  Jenn and I ate and drank everything in the South Market District for a couple of days and then she wanted to take me to her favorite restaurant in Covington – her stomping grounds.  (BTW the restaurant is called Meribo and it’s now my favorite too – CRAZY GOOD.  Like, if I ate at Meribo in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, anywhere in the country, I’d be like, this must be the best place in the city, right?!)  Anywho, Jenn and I show up for dinner and Krystal is a little late (go figure).  I had put this Wayf romper on for dinner and then changed for something a little more accommodating to the Louisiana HEAT and humidity.  Little Krust (as we lovingly call her) finally shows up wearing…you guessed it…this exact Wayf romper.  I mean, what are the chances?  Well, the chances are actually quite high because we all love Wayf and I’ve probably worn the brand here on the blog 4,397 times, but still.  I was real disappointed that I missed my accidental twinning moment with the Krust, but we got over it and ate ALL OF THE FOOD.  And we shall twin someday because we legit all love Wayf.  And that’s the end of the story.  Decent, right?  Drink a glass of wine and then reread – you’ll appreciate.  Almost Friday, peeps!


Photos thanks to Brooke Boyd

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